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  4. Churches plateau and decline when the life of the church loses relevance to the community. First task is to look at symptoms; identify causes; set out change to eliminate / remedy causes. Could be unvarying worship style; over-reliance on a particular type of praise music; uninspiring preaching; blind eye to social justice; insensitivity to community changes such as enlarging or declining population. The easy way out is to start over. The challenging way is to regenerate from within plus start a new work elsewhere if the community is moving physically.

  5. Kamaleshwar Prasad Singh October 11, 2017 at 6:52 pm

    I have been Pastoring a local church and for some time there is no numerical growth. We pray, teach and preach, but people seem to hear with one ear and let it out from another. They seem to have no interest in prayer, witnessing and outreach. Challenging to be born again also seem to be of no effect. How to motivate and encourage to be obedient, submissive and loving and caring each other as well move ahead in witnessing? Please pray and suggest how to tackle the situation.

    • Hello there. I just learned a principle that might help you. Draw three concentric circles. Shift your focus to the “why” (inside circle) of following Jesus rather than the “how” (second circle) and the “what” (outside circle). The “why” is characteristics emulated by you: happy, joyful, peaceful, integritous, etc. The “why” draws them. The “how” might be things like forming small groups, bible studies, church times and format. The “what” could be curriculum, buildings, staff, numbers, best looking signage, etc. So often organizations start with the “what” as the draw, then use the “how” to keep them, then the “why” as the inside knowledge. Churches should be the other way around. The “why” is why you are who you are, do that first, the rest should build around you. It’s a more stable approach, I think. Take care.