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  1. As a leader and an assoc. Pastor in my church I have encouraged my Pastor to take that one day as a Sabbath and relax. I like Robert Morris book “Take the day off “

  2. I wonder whether “God doesn’t care which day” is accurate? God set aside the seventh day, sanctified it, made it holy, to be Sabbath (rest)

    Jesus died on Friday, rose on Sunday, and the Sabbath was the day between

  3. Timely. I also within my 168 week take my Sabbath on Monday or Tuesday. And being a new pastor, I didn’t want to hit the ground running by taking off from resting and being refreshed. And to attest that this is spot on, I have so much energy to create fresh content after receiving the revelations of the Holy Spirit. Working from this place is a holy ease whether we are in a crisis or not. I’m glad that I have built this time on the onset of our ministry. Thank you for this great reminder to rest.