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  1. You’re one of the greatest leaders that ever lived. Thank you for taking the time prepare the leaders around word. It helps me grow spiritually.

  2. Thank you Pastor Rick. God is greatly using you to give us insightful, informative, educative and inspiring messages and sermons. More grace and anointing in Jesus name.

  3. Blessed Wilbert Mutoko December 6, 2017 at 12:43 am

    Thank you Pastor Rick for this wise advice. I am sure the same applies to personal visions as well. May God continue to bless you Sir. You are a great blessing to nations.

  4. Church vision should be centered around the Apostle Paul’s mandate to Timothy to “preach the word”. “Be ready in season and out of season”. This should be the central thrust of every minister. Training his borrowed congregation in righteousness is the Fathers will. The overflow of that work by the gifts of the individuals IS the outreach (Eph 4).

    Love and outreach – We need to define for our brethren the difference between Christ’s love for those called who are “In Him” as opposed to the Hollywood milky tolerance driven love that to it’s detriment has penetrated Christian world view today.

  5. Concerning vision, I believe every church and or church leadership should prayerfully establish what it will take to reach its community for Christ within the next three to five years. The church’s vision would then be in line with His Great Commission and that church can utilize the individual gifts and passions of the members/contributors to accomplish the task Christ has set before us all. I think this is the vision Pastor Rick is referring to and not some man made vision. Made man visions have no eternal significance apart from the Lordship of Christ but a church that knows its mission and is motivated in and by Christ to fulfill it, is a church that God will use greatly! Our church feels like in order to reach our community for Christ we must strive to love others as Christ loves us. So that’s at the heart of all we do, that’s our purpose, our vision to help us accomplish His Commission! Thanks for the great advice Pastor Rick!

  6. What if your churches vision is the wrong one? Men create mission statements, visions and purposes because they do not believe that Christ has already spoken on the issue’s. Our vision should be to teach, exort, rebuke and train in righteousness. The worlds problem is sin and not a cure for aids, lack of service projects or world peace.

    • There are two ways to develop and implement church vision: top down or bottom up. The risk of having a “wrong vision” is much lower when a “bottom up” process is followed to develop the vision. Furthermore, those are the visions that a congregation can sustain even when the lead pastor leaves. Top down visions are less likely to be sustained when the lead pastor leaves.

      But, to your point: If the church engages in a process of prayer and listening to the members it is much more likely that the church will learn what the Head of the Church intends for that church’s vision. After all, he dwells in each believer!

      • Hi Bud, as you know the church body is an organism. Top down ecclesiology is a grid system designed to keep people “in line” with a congressional vision or mission created by the top.

        The true church operates more like a vine and trellis. Growing according to individual gifts and the guidance of the Holy Spirit which leads to and abundance of fruit.

        The issue is with the need to create a vision in the first place. Again those that cast and control the vision have the control. The problem is this is subjective and erroneous leading to a power grab within the church on who’s ideas will shape the body.

        Any church, any where you go should recognize that the vision has already been firmly established in the word. Christ has already spoken on the issue. A pastors job is to teach the pattern of the church already set forth in scripture (Col 1-28, 2-6, Eph 4). Teach and train them in the word. This puts Christ in His rightful position as head of the church. When man creates his own vision, mission and ecclesiology then he replaces Christs headship. This is very dangerous and a great cost to the church.



  7. Dwight Clough June 21, 2013 at 5:53 am

    So very important … thanks for writing this

  8. Jimmy D. Wells June 20, 2013 at 4:54 am

    Also good advice for individuals. Take time to recall your purpose.

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