How did this make an impact?

  1. Pastor Rick this is Pastor Glenda, I thank God for your articles, devotions, sermons, but most of all your actions! You put love into action through resources, messages, and self!

    I’ve used some examples of your resources frequently and it blessed us as a congregation & beyond.

    It has ministered to my heart when it was low as a leader & helped me look to Jesus, where all we need comes from!

    Blessings thank you
    Greenville IL

  2. Thank God for His word. Thank God for Pastor Rick Warren. It’s trully a blessing! We enjoyed your teaching so very much.

  3. Thanks a lot for this and most especially the scripture from 1st Thess 5vs18. I just needed reassurance cos i know what God is to me. Feeling really low after an Interview that I had been on for a while and told I didn’t make it.
    God sure has a better plan for me irrespective of my present state.
    A M E N!!!