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  1. I will often look at who is endorsing the book too. If respected authors or Christian leaders are endorsing it then I will give it a shot. Too often I have seen a book with a great title, cover art and subject, but have no idea who any of the people are that are endorsing it. I 99% of the time pass on the book.

  2. Christianity books are very special. Even a famous author can be wrong in his/her book. We need to pray to God to lead us to pick up the right book. That’s God way to pick up a book, rather than our way.

  3. Solid advise for hose of us who are in the pursuit of knowledge,

  4. Margo, Children’s Ministry Academy September 28, 2012 at 11:19 am

    I am a huge reader—if I ever go to the bookstore, you can count on me coming out with four or five books in big bag. But I hate to admit that I don’t always pick the most amazing books. Your blog post gave me some great pointers that I’d never even though of before (checking out the bibliography and footnotes never occurred to me). I can’t wait for my next visit to the bookstore!

  5. Feels like that just because the author is known or has put out stuff before doesn’t make the following a guaranteed good read. Other than that great tips!

  6. Hi Rick, thanks for the great list and tips. I especially love the idea of checking who is being quoted. It’s so true. If they quote people who’s opinions and ideas I don’t respect or desire to learn, the book probably doesn’t fit my needs.

  7. Great checklist for checking out my next book. I would also add, “Recommendations from other readers.” Always great to ask other pastors and church members what they are reading and the impact of those books on their lives.

  8. These are all good tips. Depending on the subject matter, I also check for footnotes and/or an index. Books with these two features tend to be better written and well researched.

  9. “You can’t grow a church overnight. You can’t – or shouldn’t – drop 60 pounds in two months.” That’s hilarious and so true! Our library really can say a lot about us. Thanks for the article!

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