How did this make an impact?

  1. Pastor thank you for your constantly teachings,it is for a great impact!
    am always edified by your sermons.
    thank you!
    STEVEN Cyusa

  2. Thanks , I enjoy working with kids . Bringing Jesus to show the way .

  3. Thank you Pastor for sharing this article. This has definitely served as an encouraging and inspiration for me. My pastor sent me this article as I have been entrusted with a new responsibility to lead the youth for 2019. After reading this article, I am excited about the great things that God is going to do for our youth and the body of Christ.

    God bless you, and thanks for sharing

  4. I want to ba a part of your team,, I am a single mom of 1 child,, but I was having a visions about children here in our community,, I have to get some info and tools on how to get started as if I want to do it asap. Thank you and Godbless

  5. Thank you so much. Your mails are always an eye openers to my ministry. God richly bless you. I need some of your books that you advertise but I can’t buy them. Help me with some please. Books that will help my Youth ministry. Will be much grateful.