How did this make an impact?

  1. I love the small group study on Community. Thanks!

  2. I think #5 is important, but also difficult to do. You have to be humble and gently, yet firm and assertive. In a loving way too! Thanks for these reminders Pastor Rick.

  3. It’s very had for a person to open up to one another, because of fear of others talking about them.its only aperson who is delivered that can share his/her fault as a testimony.

  4. Dear Pastor Rick,
    Every day I open my email and read your daily messages and listen to daily hope. In the past five years I have been listening to your messages on YouTube and God started showing me what to do with my tired depressed self. My husband and I are both teachers with no kids of our own. We have been blessed with a house and two small cars to go to work. And so much more that we could not see. Listening to your messages was like balm to our wounded selves. Our faith has been challenged and increased by the work of the Holy Spirit. We joined a small temporary small group at our church and began to enjoy the fellowship of brothers and sisters in our church. Now we are hosting a small group that has the purpose of recharging in fellowship with conversations, games, and devotional times. We would love to use the materials from your ministry and pray the time will come when our group is ready. Meanwhile, know that your ministry has totally changed my life. I follow the Daniel Plan and started using my Prayer Journal, and continue to relisten your messages. I am not depressed any more and I have been able to encourage others. Now I can tell what depression looks like because I have there. Like you say, “don’t waste your pain”. I am so thankful that we got your book Purpose Driven Life and Church, and got so much closer to Jesus in the last few years. I look forward to the day I get to meet you in Heaven. Meanwhile, I pray that God grants you a really long long life so that you can continue ministering to us and the millions that are still without hope and need to hear the Good News. God bless you, your family and your church.

  5. Yeeesss. God bless Saddleback and filled with His almighty power. To rich our world.