How did this make an impact?

  1. Ben Unyime-Jornsen April 2, 2018 at 1:26 am

    I truly Pastor Rick. Please can I have a sample of Pastor Rick’s past year Preaching Calendar.

  2. Thank you for being a living inspiration to us small church.

  3. Rick Warren is someone I try to emulate everyday. He focuses on what matters most. I am sure he is far from perfect, but aside from his demeanor and how he engages the public in such a respectful and engaging way one experience I had with him marked me. He was a speaker at a conference I attended. I stayed after the session to speak with him. While many were vying for his time, including me, for the 90 seconds I spoke to him, he gave me his undivided attention. I asked a question, he answered and then asked something genuine around me. I have engaged others who give you the nice smile, halfway answer your question and look to move on to what is next. However, when you meet someone who genuinely cares, as Rick does, it stands out. I want to emulate that in my own life.

  4. Great piece, God bless you. Sometimes I wish your articles had PDF formats which I could save in my library and refer to offline sometimes. God bless you.

    • Koba – I thought you’d like to know that you can print these in PDF format. There is a button under the article that says Print Friendly, and it has a PDF option. They are great articles worth printing!

  5. JOHANNES CHANDRA, indonesia October 31, 2013 at 12:35 am


  6. Love this post Brother Rick! Our Preach Club met last Saturday to discuss this very issue! very timely for us.

  7. Perfect timing! Was just talking about this in our Pastors meeting yesterday. Thanks.

  8. Thanks for the reminder, Pastor. I’m beginning to work through my preaching schedule for 2014, and I needed to hear this! Your posts always sharpen me.