How did this make an impact?

  1. Pastor Warren I am a deacon of New Mountain Top Baptist Church in Winston, Georgia, we periodically go through crisis where we loose key members and your words show where we have missed Gods mission. Thanks so much for your on time word.

  2. Great suggestions Rick. Motivating and empowering our community to act or take action is a constant emphasis. The bigger challenge we’re facing is the limitation of action due directly to financial resources or should I say, constraints. If your church is struggling financially, motivation has its limits.

  3. I’m currently overseas and these 8 points sums up a lot of what people have seen in the churches that have grown like crazy. Prayer is key! Leaders of movements pray like 8 hours a day! Wow! Also, they all believer, there are only two types of people in the world, people who are need to know the Message and people who are sharing the Message. Great book to read: T4T. While it’s written for the field, I think churches in general can learn and adapt.

  4. As usual, right on the button. Excellent! Thanks Rick for your ministry around the globe – really appreciated. David Casswell: York UK

  5. This is a wonderfully simple, but profound set of observations. Thank you for it. However, it avoids one question that is begging to be asked and answered. Where did the 200,000 believers meet together? It’s doubtful that they built a Saddleback, or Willow Creek type edifice! So, it seems to me that instead of point #3 being almost a “bolt-on”, church in the home was the key strategy used. How do you think that would work? From experience “small groups” on examination, although deemed to be really important in many churches, mostly appear to be less than “real” church in practice and that what happens at the “gathered church” on Sundays is what really matters. Any comments?

  6. Very challenging indeed. Those are ingredients of a very healthy and growing church. Thanks. God bless

  7. Just a thought: We observe these characteristics in past tense. However, there was no strategy to bring about these characteristics. They seem to emerge as a natural outworking of God. In all the letters to the churches, it would also seem that no strategy was employed to bring these things about. Any comments?

    • What comes naturally to a baby is much more difficult for a 60 yr old grandpa and even more difficult for a 2000 yr old church

  8. Beautiful! Thanks!

  9. Wow. Loved this. I shared this with my teams, thank you for this simplicity!