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  1. Jesus Bless u all of u and your staff similarly grow up in the Holy Bible ,Be happy in the your life ,

  2. Great tips — thank you!

  3. I agree with everything here–but would suggest it all be in a postcard not a letter. Much better chance that it will be read because many people won’t open a letter from a church.(fears of guilt and money begging) A postcard with perhaps a great graphic on the front, inviting them back for any of the positive sermon series (but you wouldn’t call it a “sermon” series, but something like “Join us for: Tips for a great marriage” and then on the back a warm invitation, clear directions, link to websites and, email,and social media for more information.–Of course being sure website is up to date and friendly, social media engaging and someone answering emails immediately. One more thing and this isn’t a gratuitous spiritual add-on: LOTS of prayer that messages in whatever form get delivered, read, read with an open mind and heart and that people return, connect with the church and meet Jesus.