How did this make an impact?

  1. Isaac Boateng Antwi March 23, 2016 at 6:41 am

    Pastor Risk , I must say that after reading your message on 4 Big Questions we need to ask before Easter Sunday , i realize that as a Church we can leverage on this Season of Christ Resurrection to Win many Souls for Him.
    Fantastic .

    Bless you Rick

    Pastor Isaac (

  2. Isaac Boateng Antwi March 23, 2016 at 6:32 am

    It’s exciting and refreshing to know that, when Christ died He did not remain in the tomb ,but on the third day He Arose and defeated Death. Hallelujah Amen

    Pastor Isaac Antwi

  3. Pastor Warren, you need to find out just what ”easter” was(in the OT) and know that instead of the word ”easter” in the New Testament, it is supposed to be Passover. You know Jesus became our Passover, He was the sacrificial Lamb, and it was/is His blood that saves us from the death angel. Why is the TRUTH not taught in churches nowadays?

  4. Doug, seriously? First of all $5 won’t break your bank.
    Second, you talk about their church wealth. Don’t you think they should use their tithes to minister in their community and on mission around the world. I guarantee you stewardship is prayed over within their church.
    I am sure expense is needed to do extra things like providing the infrastructure for this digital site and the resources already provided. I don’t imagine you tithe to them or help out with the costs of that in any way.
    Third, you really should be writing your own sermons. Spend time in God’s Word and let the Holy Spirit speak to you. Do the work. It isn’t easy but it is worth it.
    If you want to hear his sermon, you can go to the church website to listen to it. Free.
    If you are here to criticize, you are in the wrong. Search your heart. Envy is evident.
    Be thankful for the generous people and resources here.

  5. Thank You Rick for all you do. You have made me a better Pastor & our Church a better Church.
    You have helped me grow our Team & have a Plan in place.


    P.S. Will there be another PD conference? Some of our staff have never been to one.

  6. Why when you offer help in providing Easter messages from 2015 backwards, do you with all your church wealth have to ask $5 for a download? It would be very helpful as a ministry to those serving where money is tight to have these messages provided free.
    Thanks for the suggestions on getting ready for Easter Sunday and following.

    • Doug, just to clarify, all money that is earned from the sale of resources is re-invested into the Kingdom. For years now, Pastor Rick’s sermons have been made available to international pastors and mission fields around the world by the generosity of American pastors.