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  • Rev. Jack Mance

    Speaking of having a message worth remembering, what sermon recording software do you personally use. SermonAudio looks stout, but sort of outdated and iphone apps like TheAmbassadorApp look cool but aren’t live yet. Anyone have that perfect sermon recorder?

  • James David Burgoon
  • Claire Burkhardt

    I would like to add to the discussion, something that I appreciated in a recent sermon of Pastor Warren’s about a Christian’s good character including being considerate and respectful of others. While a good leader doesn’t act based on “reputation” and what others will think, they do not take an arrogant stand as though they could care less what any one else thinks. They are respectful and seek to learn from others from a humble position of serving.

  • James Lewis

    Hiring people with good character is critical to ones leadership as well.

  • Brian H. Littleton

    Getting “real” and being grounded in the Word

  • Ginklestinker

    It is clear from the above verses that Christian leaders should lead by example and not by compulsion. The extent to which anyone is purpose orientated, to that extent he/she is displaying evidence of leadership. Not all leadership is good. Some of the greatest leaders in history have led the people to destruction. The direction is what matters most.

  • Hi Rick,

    I’m surprised you have omitted consistency as a leadership characteristic. Consistency is extremely important.

    PS: This post reminds me of a very old post we have published, you can find it here: http://www.pmhut.com/the-10-traits-of-a-strong-leader (yes – I know, it doesn’t have consistency as well!)

  • DaveO

    I could not agree more! The book Lead Like Jesus, by Ken Blanchard, also makes this the number one major theme, and is very well done. I recommend it highly.

  • Sandy

    A recent book by Gregg T. Johnson, How the Mighty have fallen addresses this topic with contemporary examples and the word of God. Good read and i recommend it. We can’t get enough of these books and articles thank you Pastor Warren