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  • Pastor Randy Griffin

    Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
    Pastor Randy Griffin here I just like to say, just like many others have said when it comes down to starting your own Church DO NOT DO IT YOUR WAY just like it says in Acts the Disciples prayed and allowed the Holy Spirit to lead them and trusted the Lord Jesus to lead and instruct them in what to do as far as starting a Church; always pray and let the Lord and the Holy Spirit lead you, never try and do it your way do it Gods way you will be truly blessed.
    Pastor Randy Griffin

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  • I pastor Rick Warren I’m évangélist vilsaint jusnel but God call me and ministry but the state I’m living have a big problem. I would like to start a church bit I really don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I mean I seen lot of people who not even go to the church but I would like to make them get back.

  • God bless you

  • Ambrose

    A timely message. Thanks Warren.

  • justmefred

    i no I’ve been called into the ministry but where do i start

  • Carldee

    I’m very blessed to stumble on this untimely ministerial guides. This direction is what I have seeking and searching for as a minister.
    It’s really opened my understanding deeply to reconsider my approach for the vision l have for the future. If you have books on this topics l will like to purchase.
    Thank you pastor Rick…….

  • Dave

    It’s a Great blessing to share this to our fellow Christians who started a Church and Ministries their own ways not God’s way…Will continue to pray for whatever God is trying to bless the world through you and your team out there…the world surely need people like you that always open for God’s voices and willing to share it to others…:) God will surely bless u without me asking for it :)

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  • JB

    Great article!

  • Israel Mbulo

    An eye opener, indeed!!!

  • That is so good!

  • Elijah Hansen

    Thanks for todays message ,am about to start my own ministry and what you said has been the dirrection am going through and i may need more teachings from you . Thanks and bless you

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  • Jeff

    Our challenge is what to do when the original leader steps down from leading that ministry? In our case, it’s Children’s Ministry. We didn’t start the Children’s Ministry without a minister, but we have to keep it going without one if that leader did not prepare another leader. Otherwise, we just stop Children’s Ministry? I’m trying to figure out which is wiser – stop children’s ministry or try to keep it going with someone who is not the right person.

    • Grace

      Jeff, that’s my question, too. Although, on more than one occasion, I’ve either seen interim leaders step up for a short season, or I’ve seen the leadership cast on someone who really didn’t want it, but who felt powerless to decline (mostly on staff members).

      That’s what I’ve seen in the world, but who can we turn to in the Bible? Can you think of any stories and people from the Bible whose circumstances mirrored our experience? No one comes to mind, although there must at least one experience we can turn to as an example.

  • Art

    Thanks Rick this is absolutely accurate in my experience. I learned this lesson the hard way a number of years ago.

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