6 Ways Churches Can Still Use Facebook Well

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The gospel did okay before Facebook, and will do just fine without it. But plenty of churches and organizationslike mine have found Facebook to be an incredibly useful tool for getting the word out about Jesus and His people. We’ve devoted time, energy, and even financial resources to gathering a community of fans who read posts, click […]

Pastor, Do You Know What Your Future Looks Like?


Pastor, have you considered your future lately? What does God have for you? When is the last time you really prayed about God’s future for you and your family? A Personal Testimony I was raised in Texas. When I was a young pastor, I had no idea what my future would be. Quite honestly, I still […]

7 Ways to Protect and Prolong Your Ministry


I have found that taking a day off is often the only way I can get any planning, studying, or prep-work done. This is a common occurrence for many in the ministry because our ministries are centered on people. And people have a tendency to need us at some of the most inconvenient times. However, […]

Why Being a Pastor Is NOT For Everybody

Baseball Play

I remember a few years ago when a major league baseball player was fined by his team for statements that he made in public. Radio talk shows discussed the matter for several days. Some callers ranted about the right to free speech while others pointed out the employer’s right to set rules for his employee’s […]

4 Characteristics of Leaders Who Last


Everything rises or falls on leadership. No organization, no ministry, no church, no family, no school, no business can go any further than the leaders who are leading it. If everything rises or falls on leadership, then the quickest way for the opposition to halt any project, any family, any business is to neutralize the […]

7 Practices Of Growing Churches

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I have been involved in a number of conversations lately about church growth. What should growth look like? How does it look different for various sizes of church?  Should you add services or multi-site?  Are the measurements for success primarily attendance and budget?  Can you be successful without numerical growth?  If not, what is a healthy […]

Two Ways Leaders Reduce Stress & Increase Effectiveness


  Tuesday’s here again!  You’re a few days away from preaching your last message, you’re five days from doing it all over again.  Your leadership team wants time with you to go over Easter plans and you realize you’re speaking at a memorial on Thursday.  That’s the regular cycle of ministry in full swing.  Next thing […]

How a Pastor Should Handle a Problem In the Church


Every church has problems. Because the church is comprised of people, we will have problems to deal with periodically. Therefore, I want to suggest these things to help you deal with problems when they arise in your church: 1. Be Biblical: Handle the problem in a biblical way. Take a biblical approach to bringing resolution to […]

How Mentoring Can Change Worship Ministry: a Pastor’s Perspective

Building Strong Worship Leaders

Allow me to introduce to you my friend and boss, Dr. Joel Carwile. Joel is pastor of the 5800-member Valley View Church in southwest Louisville. I’ve been on staff there for the past 9 months as the Worship and Creative Arts Pastor. Below is a conversation Joel and I recently had about mentoring. As you […]

5 Strategic Flaws that Cripple Ministry Impact


  There are recognizable strategic flaws in the culture of churches that are stuck.  Fresh eyes can almost always spot strategic flaws in an honest conversation, a website review, or an onsite visit.  Sometimes it can be just one strategic flaw.  Other times it is the whole set.  Does your church struggle with any of […]

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