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  1. dzidzonu elisée June 9, 2012 at 1:27 pm

    l thank God for this deeper message,l start a church,l preach wonderfully but l don’t see the result l want,but today l am on road to do excell

  2. From the outside watching, I think all churches are in need of a moral revolution because some of the things I am watching and observing in my quest to get back to the lord, have me horrified. 

  3. I was having coffee with some friends and we were discussing similar issues that are points raised in this article. We are members of a great church but as leaders we have to do what Rick has highlighted. Our church will not be what God wants it to be if we do not keep stepping up. Our pastors are stepping up but if the leaders don’t the leaders will create drag for the pastors. They will have to spend energy pulling the leadership with them.

    •  We really need to give for the preaching of the Gospel as much as we give for other social needs. The other day I asked some friends to financially support our new pastor to preach in a remote unreached village in Kenya but they said they do not support church only social needs like hiv victims, orphans etc. I wonder, which is better to prevent by preaching the Gospel or to heal after one has been hurt.

  4. it really intrigued me that from the Acts 2 passage you missed out v43 – I looked it up. “Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles”. another point then – Move in the power of the Spirit?.

    •  That complements the first point Rick makes about praying for power. And, perhaps it demonstrates that when we pray for God’s power to further His kingdom, God is ready to supply.