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It’s so easy to get comfortable, to settle in, and to spend all of our time thinking only about frivolous, surface issues. But when you understand the scale and witness the sight of real human suffering, you can’t help but feel moved to say and do something on behalf of those who suffer. Today, tens of millions of people are suffering with HIV and AIDS, and the church can do something about it. But only if we’re willing to be disturbed…

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I don’t know about you, but I find Mother’s Day a rather complicated holiday for a lot of different reasons.  Some of you may as well.  On the surface it looks like it’s made for Hallmark and Kodak moments and all those incredible things.  And there’s a lot of ooy-gooy good sentiment that I love about Mother’s Day.

But I have to tell you, I wrestle with some complicated emotions. Maybe some of you can relate. On one hand I have the absolute utter joy of celebrating Mother’s Day with my beautiful first born daughter Amy and our son Joshua. But at the same time there is a profound aching in our souls because Matthew, our youngest son is not here with us. Our hearts are heavy. We miss him. We miss his loving presence.

Being a mother is a unique privilege. God’s Word says “Children are a gift from the Lord…” (Psalm 127:3 NLT). As mothers, we receive that gift and experience the joy of pouring our heart and soul into our child’s life. At our core, we are wired to nurture and stand prepared to fiercely protect them from all danger. A mother’s…

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