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Ed Stetzer is President of LifeWay Research, one of the best and most-quoted Christian research organizations in the world. He has planted churches in multiple states; trained pastors across the US and on six continents; and taught at 14 seminaries. Author or co-author of 12 books, Stetzer is a leading voice among evangelicals. He is a contributing editor or columnist for several publications, including Christianity Today, Outreach Magazine, The Christian Post, and Facts and Trends.

Moving toward Church Multiplication Movements: 4 Steps for Developing Multiplication Leaders

Map with pins

  Mission leaders like to talk about Church Planting Movements (CPMs), but I believe it’s unlikely we will ever see one in our current context. A Church Planting Movement has a specific definition: a movement of church planting characterized by a rapid, even exponential, multiplication of churches within a people group or population segment. Something […]

Thoughts On the Amazing Life of Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith

Like many of you, I found out this morning that Calvary Chapel founder and pastor, Chuck Smith, has died. He was 86. Chrisitanity Today has a helpful obituary. Chuck and Calvary Chapel have played an important role in the evangelical movement in the past century. Simply put, it is hard to overstate the significance of Calvary […]

Reflections on the Fastest Growing and Largest U.S. Churches

100 Largest

Outreach Magazine just released their Outreach 100 issue for 2013. LifeWay Researchdoes the research for this issue. I was particularly encouraged to see the list focus especially on fastest growing churches. You can subscribe to the magazine here. Here is my article with a bit of analysis of some of the fastest-growing churches in America. —————————- Each year at LifeWay Research, […]

Why We Multiply Everything, Including Churches and Campuses

Grace Church

When we planted Grace Church in a local movie theater two years ago, we assumed that one day we would have a more permanent location. Meeting in a theater is not without challenges, and we assumed we’d eventually have a place for offices and more permanent meeting space, etc. We also had plans (which are currently in […]

Three Girls In Cleveland… And Millions Worldwide


Like most of the world, I’m horrified that a monster kidnapped and abused three girls (my daughter’s age when taken) in Cleveland. Join me in praying for these girls, their children, and their parents. The road ahead of them is long. I held my daughters a little closer and prayed for Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus […]

Mental Illness & Medication vs. Spiritual Struggles & Biblical Counseling


These past few weeks have been very trying. From deaths of people who inspired us to yet another reminder that we are not completely immune from the horrible acts of others, grief seems to be everywhere we turn. Earlier this month, we spent a lot of time talking about mental illness here at the blog, […]

Tragedy in Boston: Roundup of Reactions from Pastors in the Area

Boston Skyline

Earlier this week, many were jolted to the reality of terrorism once again. As I wrote yesterday, “This marathon tragedgy drives us again to our Maranatha cry– ‘come quickly, Lord’ and set things right.” It is a reminder of the world’s brokenness. Let me encourage you to also read USAToday’s “Faith Leaders,” Christianity Today’s “Pastors Respond,” […]

FREE Live Webcast : 25 Leaders on How We Can Be Better at Disciple Making

Exponential Webcast Live Free

If you can’t make it to the upcoming Exponential 2013 church planting conference April 22-25, or if you’re coming but leaving team or family members at home, the folks at Exponential have made the conference available to basically anyone in the world who has Internet access via a high-quality webcast–FREE to anyone who registers. This year, […]

Seize the Easter Moment and Reach People NOW


As we get ready for Easter Sunday, we all know (and research backs up) that this is a time when people are more open. That’s one of the reasons that our whole staff is calling hundreds of people this week, why we are part of the Easter Eggstravagana in our community, and why we mailed out […]

Multisite Church : Come-and-Get or Come-and-Give?


McChurch. Franchised Jesus. Theological clones. Incubator congregations. Ecclesiological buffets. From the devil. If there is a classification of church that gets put down more than megachurches, it would have to be multisite churches. Is the critique fair? Sometimes. But not always. As we found with megachurches recently, there is plenty of good that comes with the […]

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