• west

    you are all being brainwashed , stop and think about the end goal of these leaders is to take your money for their lazy evil lives.

  • chithung

    yes,, It speak to me

  • dangmei

    i m blessed by reading ur article and helpful for my preaching.

  • shane

    So… Pastors should be aware of why people tithe so as they can better adjust their ministry to increase income and promote numeric growth. I hope your discernment alarms are on full alert here.

  • James Sundquist


    See two hour film documentary by Dr. Russell Kelly who did his Doctorate on Tithing:



  • Shane

    No where does scripture teach that the churches goal is to grow numerically. NO WHERE. We are instructed to throw seed beloved. That’s it. No more, no less.

  • Raed Awabdeh

    You share out of experience and you share your best, Thank you Pastor Rick

  • Connie Adams Zachrich

    People give because they have a heart of gratitude for what
    Jesus did for them to create a way into God’s presence and want people who are lost to receive His great and marvelous gift too!

    • Hakon Christensen

      I a´gree

  • Beckyharmon

    I am constantly blessed by reading your articles Pastor Warren. This is such a deep heart message here. I can’t wait to implement this in for my teams.

  • Nice!

  • Peggy Smith

    People truly give when they know the Bible and give out of a heart of love for God! Period!!!