• Nognob

    Our church is at the crossroads of going back to 1 service. We have had 2 for approx 15 years. We run at 48% in one service and 32% in the other service. Combined that is 80, but as 2 services it sure feels empty and lacking energy because of the extra space. Individuals have energy, but corporately the church seems to struggle. Any thoughts or suggestions?

  • ERSchindler

    How about adding simple rule #5: “Ditch the building” and funnel the tremendous savings to organic church-planting movements and the poor.

  • This is super helpful, thanks Rick!

  • Aaron

    How long do you gage the 80% full rule before pulling the trigger on another service? Our contemporary service will occasionally hit or exceed the 80% mark, but may also have Sundays under that.

  • Theo

    The stage and the sound crew through all those venue changes must have faced tremendous challenges as well. I wonder if there are any resources that they used or developed during that time that might help others in the same situation?