• Mervyn Gabarura

    Mervyn G
    I just love a this great resource. God I thank you for this site, see them through and through

  • Donald D

    I love it, it’s powerful. I believe the Holy Spirit is leading him.

  • Fresh66

    I do believe that one off Holy Spirit inspired sermons can accomplish much, however if led by the Holy Spirit your aim is to see a culture change in your church, a good series will definitely accomplish a great deal.

  • Joe

    I think God’s Spirit may lead a preacher to explore the depths of truth to lengths that may not allow sufficient coverage in one church service.

  • Marty Connolly

    Preaching in a series or not in a series should be up to the spirit who guides us. Advertising is done by the Lord and Pastor Rick Warren is a very blessed Pastor. So I say let God guide you.

  • J Kase

    I disagree. If the series is not done well or on a topic of irrelevance, then I stay home for the whole series.

    • prairiemadness

      Suggest you re-examine the reason you go to church at all if you are not going to worship God, and think whether or not God has a word for you depends on the preacher or the sermon topic.

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  • It also has the added advantage – if you do book expositions – of leveraging the form in which the scriptures were delivered to us!

  • Timothy Burkett

    Great article. Saw that image from Creationswap http://www.creationswap.com/media/4372.

  • I agree with all three points listed, as I also preach in a series. However, I partially disagree with you on the length. I would say if you are preaching topically that maybe 4-8 weeks is sufficient, but I normally preach through one book at a time, which can take substantially longer than 4-8 weeks. In these cases, I have not found them to lose any momentum or interest. Great post – thanks for sharing!