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  1. Maria Evangelsta October 21, 2021 at 11:53 pm

    I thanks so much for every topics because it help a lot for spiritual growth of not only the members but also for me as A mentor. You’re ministry is such a Blessing and may our Lord continue to Bless you with wisdom and knowledge. God Bless you all


  3. Need God’s guidance and help. I am a Pastor. My wife cheated with my best friend. No church will hire me. I started a church in large house. Just baptized 5 people in river. Father died, watching Mom who is partially blind. I’m retired Diabetic $693 mth. So stressed and financially poor. Trying to be strong for God’s people but I find myself crying and devasteed. God bless. Donald

  4. I hear what you are saying, but, I have not been able to find a qualified mentor. Most the pastor or mentors I’ve encountered don’t have time, what to charge a large sum of money; or they have an agenda that is different from mine. Where do you find someone who is willing to invest the time and energy in helping an unknown, non connected. Where are the mentor to help groom the next generation of Pastor’s, to impact out church to be effective in ministry. We need more to seminar and conferences, we need personal one on one help.

  5. Clifton Napier June 1, 2016 at 7:31 pm

    Pastor I would like to ask you a question if I may?…I currently live in Corpus Christi, TX and attend a church here with my wife who is a prophetis. She is very aware of her spiritual gift and operates in it quite often. I’m on the other hand do not. I know that I am called to preach. But I do not have anyone here to mentor me. The pastor we are currently under is younger than I am (I am 36) and he has only been “Teaching” for 3 years. He doesn’t believe in working in the 5 fold ministries and doesn’t believe in working in spiritual gifts. What do you suggest I do?

  6. Thank you pastor for the advice I really agree with you that a pstor needs a mentor thanm you.

  7. Rev. Michael Larbi Annor February 11, 2016 at 2:34 am

    I need a help . My church is not growing

  8. Pastor Warren:

    First off, I want to say two things: 1) Thank you for doing your spiritual gift of preaching God’s word, which we are called to do, but some are called to be preachers, so “Thank you very much”. 2) I am sorry for the loss of your son. My brother committed suicide many, many years ago after battling drugs, abuse from a father, etc…. and as a father myself, my son almost took his life over drugs and girl problems, with which even today he doesn’t speak to me. So, I can only imagine you have gone through a lot.

    With all that said, I have to respectfully disagree with folks needing a mentor. I believe our mentor will always first and foremost be LOOKING UP TO GOD. To many times in this SECULAR society, we think we need someone else to coach us in life or to coach us to be more and more successful. What happen to being content with where we are in life? Other cultures are not trying to keep up with the Jones’s to become bigger and better. Other folks that still live the SIMPLE LIFE don’t hire life coaches or mentors to try get more money and become wealthier.

    I think of how all these self help gurus from Tony Robbins to Oprah or doctors on TV like Dr. Oz to Dr. Phil have turned our society into thinking we need this or we need that to be successful or to do this to be more efficient in life or more healthier.

    What happen to the days where folks lived in isolated areas and all they worried about was Maslow’s Basic Needs of Food, Clothing, Shelter, Water and praying and putting all things in God’s hands.

    If our priorities in life are Faith, Family, Friends, and Fitness (Spiritual, Physical, Mental, and Emotional), then why should we seek out mentorship, unless it’s from our God, Family, or in your case, you as my pastor could be a mentor. Because usually, the pastor of a church, helps guide his flock with comprehending and getting a clearer understanding of biblical passages, fellowship among the church, and guiding us in how to become better disciples for Christ.

    Yes, we need coaches if we are athletes, but that doesn’t mean they are my mentors. Yes, we need trainers or teachers that know more about a certain craft like fitness, technical skills, or academia, which one may pursue, so in that instance and PhD could be a Graduate Students mentor in becoming a PhD themself.

    Yes, a lawyer may have a Senior Partner in a Law firm act as a mentor, while they start out in a firm, so they know the ropes. Similar to another player on a team shows a new player how things are done. I agree with having a “battle buddy” or a teammate to help guide you sometimes in life, but I still believe the mentors we have should be our God and Family.

    These are the people we look up to and go to for guidance in our life. I don’t believe once we get to a certain point, we stop learning, I just don’t think someone that is in a higher leadership position needs a mentor, that is my opinion. They can learn on their own, come up with innovative ideas, and look to God or Family for guidance if they are struggling in life or moving their life in a different direction.

    Our SECULAR society defines SUCCESS usually by titles and money. Wealth and power. But to me, success in life is through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Once people realize, we live in a sinful world, but we are not of this world and we put all our faith and trust in the Lord Almighty, then maybe, just maybe, we won’t have all this talk about mentors or people guiding us in life, when it should only be God is our true mentor. I still believe in coaches and teachers for continually honing our skills or craft, but mentor is a strong word that I believe should only apply to God or our close family of Mother/Father, Husband/Wife, Brothers/Sisters, etc…

    Once again, thank you Pastor for what you do each and every day and sorry again for the loss of your son.



  9. If you are mentored i believe it helps you reduce costly and grievous mistakes which could have destroyed your life and vision. Every great leader was mentored and it will be great if you desire greatness to pray to God for someone who will be willing to do so in your life. If you can’t get the person physically, you can get hold of their resources- books, tapes, podcast etc and put them to good use. I believe it’s also part of the mentoring process. God bless.

  10. If a persons misunderstands who Jesus Christ is, does not matter what he says after! Stick with Jesus and the Bible!

  11. can you be my mentor?

  12. I would like to ask Mr. Warren, why don’t you believe Jesus Christ should be the only true source to look to for the answers you seek? Man cannot guide you for man is fallible and made of flesh. Also, when quoting from the Bible, I think using the exact wording from the KJV Bible would be more appropriate. Proverbs 19:20 states, ” Hear counsel, and receive instruction, that thou mayest be wise in thy latter end.” This is very different sounding than how you write it, ”
    “Get all the advice you can and be wise the rest of your life.”

  13. I totally agree with Lindy. A lot of the pastors that we desire to mentor us are unavailable.

    Solution to this would be to seek out available ones. They may not be “high profile”, but they are available. Remember, God chooses availability over ability.

    In addition to this, you could read the books/blogs written by these “unavailable pastor”…a lot of the questions you want to ask have been answered in the books anyway.

    Find a mentor. Keep your eyes on Jesus.

    • Jesus and God are the ONLY mentors, not men.

    • You seen not to get the point brother Warren made. I am an author and value books but I don’t believe that books say all about the author. There very personal emotional struggles that can’t be written in a book. By the way few would want the world to know their weaknesses. I believe in mentoring but it calls for intimacy. Not the kind you have with a man you only see on TV

  14. One more necessity to look for in seeking a mentor: Availability. Particularly in ministry, it has been my experience that few pastors have (or are willing to give) the time necessary to really mentor someone else, which is sad.