How did this make an impact?

  1. I can relate! I was a volunteer in a leadership type role helping make leadership decisions within “Lexington Community Church,” and one day it all stopped. I have never been given any answers other than, “We stopped meeting on Tuesdays.” Which said to me, you’re no longer needed. I have beaten myself up, over and over again concerning this and for sharing my dreams with them, which I felt was the game changer. I always wanted leadership or my piers to know my dreams in wanting to lead a church named “One Body,” so they wouldn’t think I had a shady personal agenda as I would help them grow in supporting them too; for Lexington Community had gone through a break up, splitting into two separate entities, which caused heartache from our lead pastor.

    My personal feelings and thoughts were, I thought I would be able to grow into this leadership role gaining experience until I would venture off towards my dream. But, it didn’t happen that way and it’s left me with doubts, resentment, and wondering with unanswered questions. Wondering, what did I do?

    I have attended Liberty University over the years in obtaining my bachelors degree in Biblical Science, which I have one class left. I have not taken this last class due to the blow or set back I’ve had from my best of friends. All due to communication or the failure of.

    I have listened to your podcast on not sharing your dreams with people that’s not going to help you get there, after the fact, but the message was much needed and confirmation! Rick, what do you do when you feel like, “I must have answers before I can move on.” Meaning, I don’t want to go back from leading and preaching, for I love it. It’s the ultimate high I’ve ever experienced.

    • I to was moved by this article, After resigning from my church years ago I had found hope and healing through Celebrate Recovery. After about three years of attending CR at the same church I had resigned from, the Ministry Leader (Founding Pastor) had asked me to take on some leadership roles. I accepted the roles and was for the first time in many years felt wanted and needed. fast forward nine years, I have a small office at the church to work out of on my day off from my regular job, I’m a State Rep. for CR, I lead the assimilation team for our CR and I lead our children’s ministry for CR.I couldn’t have been having more of a mountain top experience if I tried. Then one day it seemed to come crashing down. Within 6 months my whole world seemed to come unraveled. I was informed that the church needed the space I was using for a new ministry position that was hired, One of the men that I was sponsoring was killed in a tragic bicycle accident, I broke my elbow that required surgery, a week later I had emergency Gallbladder surgery, The surgery on my elbow was unsuccessful and required a second surgery.
      I felt like I was being punished for something. In my head I formed a list of what it could have been for. The list was long. Then the Pandemic started, I isolated myself, I went to work, then home, repeated this process and continues today. I thought I was finished, I thought the church and God was done with me. It was time to let someone else take these roles and finish them. Then I read this article, My character has been revealed, I’m living in my Marah. God lead me all this way walking with me the entire way, providing my every need. Them when things got a little rough, I threw my hands up and said “this water is no good” where are you now, GOD?
      Today is my first day that I’ve read any scripture in almost 6 months. Thank You Rick for your timely message. It couldn’t have been any more perfect!!!