How did this make an impact?

  1. As pastors we visit churches on vacation and are never impressed by Greeters. It’s their “job/ministry” to greet & everyone has to walk past them to get inside! However, when several members of a congregation actually walk over, introduce themselves (add what they do for a living or other personal note), we WERE impressed. Don’t you agree maybe 90% of people need to be trained in *people skills* preferrably by a professional? We have our Greeters show visitors to a seat next to or near where the greeter sits so there’s a familiar face.

  2. Concerning having greeters even in the parking lot….I know someone, an
    older female relative, who absolutely hates being greeted more than twice
    before entering a church. Being an introvert, she doesn’t like being forced
    to introduce herself repeatedly, to people that won’t even remember her
    two weeks from now, and being greeted like that makes her feel even more
    out of place. She’d prefer to be friendly without being put on a spot.
    She once went to a church where there were five greeters at the doors
    before entering, and five more at the next set of doors before going into
    the sanctuary. Sometimes three people at a time were reaching out their
    hands to shake hers, with her awkwardly trying to shake each one at a time.
    Not everyone is an extrovert. Just have a reasonable amount of greeters
    at the doors. It will seem more “real” and genuine, rather than a bunch of
    people trying to “out-greet” each other. Genuine connections make the
    greatest impression. On the other hand is another church not far from here
    that had NO ONE greeting me as I entered. I had to make my own way into
    the unfamiliar sanctuary and I sat alone the entire service, with not one
    person saying hello from the beginning to the end of the service.
    Needless to say, I never went back.

  3. Visitors use our spots and we have a lot of visitors. Sometimes they will say that they don’t want to join the church because they will have give that spot up lol.

  4. We have designated parking for “New Guests and Families with Small Children” They are both valued and neither one is singled out.

  5. When I have been out of town visiting churches…the “visitor” parking is always available. We used to have it but don’t think it was very effective.

  6. Good stuff, but I actually disagree with the first one. Special parking paints a target on their back, which can heighten their fear before they get out the car. I know from experience because we have them and nobody parks there. Except the daughter of a staff person.