How did this make an impact?

  1. I want to wholeheartedly appreciate Pastor Rick for His hard work of ministry and encouragement to me particularly.

    Thanks Sir

  2. down to earth message. Called to celebrate my humanity.

  3. Such wisdom & such humility. I still got a lot to learn in this area. Thank you for your sharing…. God bless you for your pearls of wisdom, which are always shared so generously, and always in such plain & simple words… I will uphold you in my daily prayer re your weakness too. Just want to thank God for pastor like you. God bless you & your family too……

  4. Thank you Pastor Rick for this encouragement. I’m not in any leadership role but have gone back to college as a very mature student to get the degree I thought I had missed out on. I was looking forward to enjoying study and I achieved good marks in my first year but on starting my second year I seem to have hit a wall and can’t concentrate to study. I have been facing the thought that I will have to give up and the thought that I am not as able as I had thought, in fact I have a disability and I’m week. But I just happened to click on your page and read of your disability. I needed to be reminded that I too am making an attempt to follow Jesus, and how I handle my weaknesses will determine whether they help or hinder me. And the Lord reminded as I read your post.

  5. One of my pastor friends just tweeted that this message blew his mind. I’m glad he agrees with me that the authenticity of your story leaves me in shambles, destroyed in all the right places. Thanks for sharing, and you do it so eloquently. Be well!

  6. It is refreshing when we are real and honest with God, with ourselves and others. I am a small group leader and i shared a weakness with our group. It is liberating ..!

  7. It is good to know that in the pursuit of holiness we are not called to deny our humanity.

  8. This has been resonating to me more and more as I am coming closer to entering vocational ministry. We are not perfect and I know my weaknesses will be and are being used for God’s glory!

  9. I’m teaching on weakness this Sunday and I just received this post via email in the midst of my prep. There are a couple great thoughts here that are not only helpful to me, but I’m sure will be helpful to our church. So, thank you!

    • Although i am not a pastor , those who pretended or claimed to be very spiritual to the extent that they can not sin, were stumbling blocks to my spiritual journey. Like Paul , i have learned to acknowledge my weaknesses and praise God for his immense grace.Thank you pastor Rick Warren