How did this make an impact?

  1. Kwaja Matthews April 27, 2023 at 3:02 pm

    I will stand up with my eyes open and my head lifted to heaven and I will pray to God while having a heart to heart conversation. I will then hush my mind mouth and spirit and wait to hear from God

  2. So profound! I love this! Thank you for great insight!

  3. I will wait on the Lord and have faith all on him for I know that you will bring all that I need and want. So lord keep me safe and keep my eyes and heart on you.

  4. Awesome advice concerning prayer waiting on God. Not a pastor, but evangelist with desires to preach accuracy concerning the Word of God. Thank you for the opportunity to view your site.

  5. Fantastic Rick! Thank you for sharing. “Hurry is the death of prayer” is a great quote and so true. We started a transition in our church (that we started in 1996) about a year ago. It has been quite the year of change. If not for my time in prayer, I really believe we would have quit. Now we are on the very front end of a season of growth. There is lots of momentum. There is energy and excitement. We have seen many come to faith in Jesus this summer.
    We also started two churches out of Alliance in the last year with staff members. Again, if not for prayer we would have really questioned those decisions. Even today, I had to remind myself that time spent in prayer is more important than the text messages waiting, and emails piling up and the message to finish.
    Great reminder and I believe I’m living it right now.
    Thanks again,

  6. Dear Rick, Thank You for this great article. I’d appreciate any insights on this:
    January 2013, I prayed for a change that is very personal & deep within me. As I made the prayer, I knew that several issues needed to be altered first. Back then, I didn’t know if God’s will was is answer me with a downright “no” or with simply a “wait”. As a “no” was an unbearable answer for me, I chose, back then, to accept God’s answer as a “wait”. Believing this kept me hopeful, functional & calm. 1 year has passed now and nothing has changed. I have waited patiently and expectantly. I have kept my faith even when I have wanted to give up on God. I am prepared to wait a lifetime for God’s will. But the questions that bother me now is: “was I wasting my time waiting? Was God’s answer “no” all along?” I have asked God these questions & haven’t received an answer to these either. I will continue to strengthen my faith and live a blessed Christian life. However, I don’t want to continue praying for something that isn’t God’s will. I could use my time & faithfulness elsewhere. How am I supposed to know whether it’s time to give up on this change? Thank You.