How did this make an impact?

  1. Hi Pastor Rick, I loved this message. A lot of time, we need to remember about what i am doing here? . Thanks. I can be better ministry than I am. We have more than 200 millions people to share the gospel just in USA backyard. When I came in 2001 God touch in my heart to love sinners around and share the gospel. I never forgot God passion for you people.Forward always. Thanks –
    Pastor Cruz – Rhode Island

  2. Boy…talk about a conviction to the heart!  Struggling with trying to grow my woman’s ministry through “likes”, “blogs” and “posts”, without realizing it, I was bowing down to society’s measure of success…. envying those with more “friends”.  This message brought me to tears as only the Holy Spirit can…. thank you for reminding me of ME and the uniqueness of MY Gifts from God…. thank you for Purpose, Restored and Vision, Clear!

  3. wow, thanks for sharing this.  It touched my heart in the core. I hadn’t thought of ministry envy in this manner.  I considered it iron sharpening iron.  Here’s my question, at what stage does it turn from sharpening to envy?

  4. Dear pastor,

    “Why envy is a ministry killer?” is a real blessing for pastors. I always thank God for His wonderful presentation through you and your ministry.

  5. Hi Rick, this teaching is amazing. I listened to your last weekend sermon on envy and I mostly blessed. Thanks alot.