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  1. You had me all the way until “Turn on a video.” How does this benefit the small group? I thought we grow together through listening to each other and bringing each other up. Turning on a video intuitively seems to turn away from the dynamics of a small group. Help me understand.

    • Don, at Saddleback and many other churches, a short video (10 to 20 minutes) is provided to group hosts to offer sound teaching and then the host uses a printed guide with some questions to start the discussion. It’s simply our way of empowering more people to feel confident about hosting groups knowing they don’t have to be gifted in the area of teaching. It’s a small part of the meeting but serves as an extension of the pastors’ teaching role in every group.

  2. Great advice! But there were only 5 habits, when you said there were 6. Just asking. :)