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  1. I do love seeing people mature and bring others to Christ. When I was a Pastor, there were several people that wouldn’t share their faith with others. I always wondered why, but could never come up with an answer. You’d like to think that they were shy, but when it came to boasting about the big fish they caught or the golf shot they made, there would be no problem. My heart breaks for those who are unwilling to share their faith in Christ. It is a lifesaving choice!

  2. What an amazing Church this is!!! I was at the very bottom of my life with nowhere to turn and nothing to hold onto and i was given the book The Purpose Driven Life. After reading the first sentence I no longer believed that it was my job to take on the World. My life has gotten better little by little every single day. God has worked in my life and is bringing all my dreams to reality. At 35 I was certain my life was over and was contemplating suicide for months at a time, now at 45 I am 8/10 of the way to having my dreams totally come true and it is beyond my wildest dreams. My Journey started with the faith of the whisper
    of God forgive me I have tried to live this life all on my own and all by my plan and if there is a God please come into my life and clean up this horrible mess I have created.

  3. Shannon Ferguson January 11, 2017 at 7:34 am

    Any chance you will be starting a church in the Palm Desert area?