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  4. SAMUEL JOHN AGBOGUN June 9, 2016 at 2:36 am

    Your decision to support the spread of the Gospel and practice it with your good works in terms of giving and writings is a lesson for other church leaders. It is a great example on stewardship. Thank you.

  5. Your words are always simple and profound. We need to be good stewards not just profitable ones. Still praying for you and Joy. And still in ministry because of you, thanks.

  6. This is very good. If we are not good stewards of our position it becomes easy to manipulate God’s people for our personal benefit. Thanks for the article.

  7. Pastor Rick,you’ve blessed my life tremendously through your publications.May you always be refreshed.

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  9. A great assessment highlighting the responsibilities of leadership which apply in every area of our lives.

  10. Thanks Rick for being a blessing in our lives. God keep inspiring you in your jorney!

  11. muitu obrigado pastor Rick warren isto já acontecendo no meu ministério desde 17 anos que estou a servir meu Deus deja que Deus continua a colocar em ti a sua sabedoria,

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  14. There truely good, honest and selfless leaders in the body of Christ – Pastor Rick you’re one of them and i appreciate your leadership.

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  23. As a pastor we need to be constantly reminded of this great responsibility! Thanks for the admonition.

  24. The lord has been good to me: If I ever had “position” He’s taken it before I noticed, the only power I have had is elbow grease and I have neither privilege nor profit to show for it .. He’s accomplished it. Somehow I still get into trouble and constantly have to amend my ways. I do know when I am getting a tap on the shoulder to straighten up and fly right. But I have to monitor the controls.

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    Thank you Pastor Rick… You are truly been a great motivator…

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