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  1. Thanks Pastor Rick!…you have been a stalwart rock…in my 30 years of small church bi-vocational pastoral ministry. What’s so beautiful is most of your wonderful wisdom is free…. As I contemplate retiring…this article was extremely helpful and encouraging

    Much love Pastor Gerald E Bell

  2. I am really encouraged to use God’s word to control my mind. Thank for this article. I overthink and over process things in my mind.

  3. Lemuel L. Juarez August 16, 2023 at 11:49 pm

    Very timely!!!
    Great help!!!
    I’m struggling with my mind!!!

  4. This is a life changing article. Sometimes I feel like battling within my mind. I’m encouraged to control my thoughts using God’s word.
    Please, Pastor Rick, may I know if you authored a book regarding this great article?

    God bless you man of God.