How did this make an impact?

  1. One of my greatest breakthrough in ministry came when I finally read Pastor Rick’s book Purpose Driven Church. What I so love about it was the ease with which you made ministry seem through the various tested means describes in it. Once again, I resonate with the four points enumerated here by Pastor Rick. It’s a must do! Thanks.

  2. ‘Ministry’ is often overlooked as a small group/discipleship ministry. If a worship team can have some small group components before they start their worship practice, they can effectively use the ministry team as a discipleship tool. Thanks for sharing this article!

  3. great breakdown of the different levels within the church community :) THe membership one feels a little loose but in order to keep the alliteration I can understand it :)

  4. Mr. Warren,
    I love reading your blogs. This one was really great because it shows the foundation of how you build. What stands out to me is that you have attempted to help people reproduce after their like identities in the church and the marketplace. Not fitting everyone into a cookie cutter ministry but allowing them to explore what they are passionate about, get rooted relationally, reach people and then help those individuals get plugged in. I have also enjoyed reading the blogs about how you have relayed this model into your online groups. Mainly because the statistics of people communicating online and through their mobile phones has exploded and is continuing to grow yearly. Again, thank you for your faithfulness.