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  1. The Peace plan is good. My problem is we dont belong to any denomination or organization.
    We based in Swaziland we have a school , we need to go to the next level and build Hostel facilities for girls and boys. EDUCATION can take our next generation out of poverty. Im inviting you to come and see what we doing. Jabez School of Excellence.
    Jabez Christian Ministries. Come and teach and preach

  2. This is great… am blessed
    May God keep you going

  3. thanks Pastor Ricky for this encouraging ministry for Pastors, we shall keep in touch for more information.

  4. You do an amazing work for God.

  5. This is great teaching. Thanks so much x I’m not a leader either, just a disciple.

  6. Hi, not even a pastor. For some reason I keep getting emails about But that’s not important. The point is that I accepted Christ not long ago and it really bothers me that there’s no peace among some Christian denominations. we keep debating about who’s right and wrong in small unimportant things and we often forget the purpose of the church. Why can’t we just be followers of Christ and do what Jesus told us to do! Just a thought. By the way, this is a great article. God bless.

  7. praise God Pastor Rick,i am blessed from all messages and this great insight of Gods word in you,i am getting somewhere since a week,i join
    ,the message of peace is needed now,in Africa we experience Tribalism tribe fight another tribe,a lot of killings.
    God bless

  8. Hmmmm. Ever hear of World Vision, Samaritan’s Purse, Catholic Medical Mission Board, United Nations Foundation etc etc etc. Your ideas seems inefficient and self serving when compared to already established organizations. Why not tell your book club to donate time and money to these organizations?

    • All those organizations do not include in their plans the local church, where in the peace plan the church is the focal point of the plan.
      Remember the church will be here for ever

    • ministry should be Christ center and fulfillment of great commision. I am working among the underprevilge kids and some time its really very hard to arrange one time meal or books for them but inspite of all God is helping to to provide their all needs, Praise God??

  9. Couldn’t agree more. Let’s get started.

  10. Beyond teaching on SHAPE to your members, what other strategies are you implementing for equipping and/or develop servant leaders?

  11. Excellent Biblical way of solving many of the existing world problems at home and abroad. I did two internships in rural Kentucky 40 years ago and it was those very things that broke down the walls between us. Upon our arrival the people were suspicious of our intent, they stood back and watched, but as they observed that we came to heal and touch them spiritually they became our fast friends who spread the message that there was help and we met physical needs to meet spiritual needs.