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  1. Pastor Rick, thanks for encouraging other pastors to seek help. There is a real need for this in the church and many pastors are staying silent to protect their jobs. We as the Church need to find a way for pastors to be open with their struggle without the threat of ending their ministry.

    For those struggling, there are a number of resources to help. Celebrate Recovery is a great place for support. You may want to find a mentor, someone who has walked this road and has years of sobriety; check out BraveHearts for more information.

  2. Great tips, however it doesn’t address the addictive personalities. Most people who struggle with sexual temptations and sinful cycles, regardless of what they know the Bible says or what their spouses wishes are still succumb to sexual temptation whether it be porn, masturbation, or any other way an individual has acted out. Before I admitted I was dealing with an addiction, I would have read an article like this, been motivated for a while longer, but eventually would have given in again because of the power of denial, justification and compartmentalization. It wasn’t until I admitted I was dealing with a sexual addiction that I finally got the help I needed and became the man of God I was always praying, hoping, and begging to be. Porn and habitual masturbation and behavior that is contrary to our morals and belief systems and is harmful to our spouses is the symptom. The real problem is usually buried in the heart and soul, a trauma, pain, a lack or a void that is being medicated with sexually acting out. It takes a trained professional to help uncover these issues and a recovery program to help with the symptoms of sexual addiction. God’s peace to you all.

  3. i was about to do the sin, but a minute after. this pops up on my email. coincidence? eh. more like work of God telling me to be strong and resist any evil. thank you.