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  1. Oh how our new generation needs mentoring! They are like a white stallion ready to run wild. But they need tempering, teaching, guidance, discipline, they need help because they are moving too fast without these graces. They do not value what the older generation can pour into them. I admire those sons and daughters that have waited on the set time to cut the cord from their mentors after allowing their parents, pastors, teachers, to pour into their lives.

  2. Thanks sir for another rich insight. I wish however that we stick with discipleship as commanded in the Great Commission rather than equating discipleship with mentoring. Though mentoring is what they do in the corporate world, we are in danger of losing the true art of discipleship which is meant to grow believers spiritually into the likeness of Christ to merely mentoring people to acquire skills and expertise in preaching and ministry. Mentoring will at best impart a code of conduct and not the life transformation that discipleship implies. We should also reexamine what we call discipleship that it is not mentoring. Let us keep up the good work in the Lord.

  3. Great analysis God bless

  4. To the point with firm guidance awesome completely awesome

  5. This is a wonderful guide on an aspiring mentors.I wish it was longer than the way it is it arouses the appetite to read and learn

  6. July 1, 2014 at 8:31 pm

    thank you Ps Rick esp the bit about reading widely backwards!