How did this make an impact?

  1. Bertha Lee Brown August 23, 2016 at 5:16 pm

    Aaron Court Date is 25 Aug 2016, 2 felonies at Harris County Jail , I must act fast.. He needs a mentor a roll model. GREAT Person, mind set age 12 yrs 13yrs old. My phone 314-565-8878, Help me Help Aaron, please, with God Speed, In Jesus Name I Pray You Give Me Assistance.

  2. hello Pastor Rick,
    I am need of a Criminal Defense Attorney for my Grandson Aaron Threats, he is the son of a criminal who has violated him, his sister and his immediate family has outcasted him, instead of getting Aaron the proper help, he is constantly mentally bashed by his immediate family. I am his grandmother Bertha Brown 314-565-8878 and I have been trying to help him, I had him in my custody, and he was doing great. He made friends, got of the introverted behavior and opened to me. Now Aaron has returned to Houston, TX with his Mom, which turned to be disastrous for Aaron, he now is on drugs, runaway, and has been arrested for 2 felonies. He has been in jail since Aug 12 and his Mom is not responding to his cry for help as usual.Aaron is not a bad person, more of an troubled and abused person and he should not be locked up in Houston Adult Jail, he just turned 17yrs old. I thought I could afford an Attorney for him but the Attorney did not agree with monthly payment I could afford., He did not tell me his total cost of $4500. The Attorney agreed $1500 down payment, it is my fault I did not ask his full fee. I can only pay him $200 a month and thats a big sacrifice for I am on disability. I just want Aaron back in St. Louis, MO where he his progress and self esteem picked up and he was able to graduate 8th grade, He left in 10th grade to go back with Mom, now he has made wrong choices because of the mental state his is in, can you help me find an Attorney who will help me, desparate Grandmother trying to save my grandson life so he can be productive, he is a great Athelete its he keeps getting put down from his home environment. Help me Help Aaron Threats.,Aaron is 17yrs ole suffers from ADHD, his Mom not giving him any meds, she has let go and he loves her so much. My daughter, needs Jesus in her life she has no passion or compassion for her son, she blames him for every little thing. Help me if you have a contact in Houston Texas who can work with me. His mother abandoned him a long time ago, age 4yrs old.

  3. Thanks, for sharing these great insights on this platform about Ministry and life in general. Your books and posts have been a Blessing to me.
    God Bless you real great,
    Pst Eze Uchechukwu Patrick,
    Lead Pastor,
    Take Charge World Ministry Inc.
    Owerri – Nigeria.

  4. olumide precious August 18, 2016 at 9:25 am

    Pastor you are full of anointing.More grace in Jesus name.Prayer is the master key without a praying pastor, there is no paying therefore mountains can never be subdues.thank you sir.

  5. olumide precious August 18, 2016 at 9:19 am

    Pastor you are full of anointing.More grace in Jesus name

  6. That is the simple truth…Pst. Warren has said it all – prayer is not only an expression of love for God and ackowlegment of His soveignty, but also an indication of dependence on Him. A praying church is a victorious church!!

  7. This is wonderful! The concept on prayer is here simplified. Thanks a lot for broadening my perception, more grace!!

  8. As we say at our church, “Much prayer, much blessing. Little prayer, little blessing. No prayer, no blessing.” Great reminder.

    • Also, our entire staff gathers for the first 30 minutes of each work day to pray through the needs of the church. We use the list from the weekend services. I use that list every morning in my prayer time. We let the congregation know that your pastors and staff pray for you every day. People really appreciate that.

    • no prayer, not christian….

  9. Pastor Rehan Garstin August 17, 2016 at 3:10 pm

    Great article and I agree with you 100% that prayer is the key not only for the Pastors but also for leaders and all believers. God Bless you for writing very effective and encouraging articles for Pastors.

    • Moses Tear cammue September 3, 2016 at 5:09 am

      Man of God,
      It is true that prayer is the brain and heart of every Christian, so I am really thrilled by this great teaching that I came across today. One major weakness on my part is prayerlessness, so please pray for me to be prayerful in my lfe as a follower of Christ.
      I promise to contimually pray from now onward.
      Moses Tear Cammue

  10. We pray every other Monday at our church. The numbers attending are not great, maybe five or six people turn out. How can we grow a heart for prayer? Should we have a prayer agenda, or let God lead us?

  11. Bendiciones Pastor RickWarren
    Desde que estoy conosiendo mas de su ministerio me quedo asombrado de lo hermoso que es mi Dios. Vengo de un ministerio en espanol que cuando anos atras , susprimeros libros el ministerio donde estaba nos proibian leer esos libros y la excusa era que no esra de Dios, pero haora que estamos trabajando co el material que el Senor le ha dado es como un Nuevo despertar. Haora me doy cuenta por que los ministerios en espanol no crecen, como que estan estancados, por la misma mediocridad que existe en ellos, lo bendigp y adelante.
    Estamos trabajando con Celebrate ministries en Sioux Fall South Dakota, Pastor Keith Loy.
    Muchas bendiciones..

  12. Oh how much did I need to hear this today!!!! Thanks so much!!!

  13. Gabriel Opaluwa August 17, 2016 at 10:24 am

    Thanks for this eye opener on the issue of prayer. In fact no church survives without a praying pastor and Congregation. Thank you sir.

  14. An excellent, timely, and encouraging reminder. Thanks for so simply and profoundly sharing.

  15. Just what I needed, just when I needed it. Thank you.

  16. That was a excellent piece on prayer! The truth is the church really no longer focuses upon the power of prayer in far too many churches I have been! At my church I believe that prayer is what held us together through the death of key members, the low income seasons, and the seasons I also go through when I just need rest! Thank you for everything you contribute to us pastors Rev. Warren!!! God bless you and as I continue to pray for your ministry also pray for mine!

  17. Duh!