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  1. pastor doesnt pay tax. pastor doesnt have salary, only donation. they are not professionals, there are vocationals like priest or nuns.

  2. This is a  good article.   It presents two sides of the same coin.  I often wonder if following both sides of this coin leads one to become a double-minded man. The image of shepherds is a much better one, IMHO.   This article does illustrate the divide that sometimes develops between seeking merit vs seeking to really serve (beyond the rhetoric).  Some of the more ‘professional’ pastors see and speak of themselves as CEOs of the church (aka movers and shakers heavily emphasizing their power and authority)…and that often results in some corresponding behaviors that were a tad less than a blessing to those congregants who put out a lot of sacrificial volunteer effort and work.   One that comes to mind did a lot of behind the scenes planning (you may read scheming) to have his way made more certain.   Professional implies operating beyond reproach vs insisting being considered beyond reproach since I have the position of being the ‘top dog’.   The later not being a good example of professional behavior in my mind.  We need to learn to do things honorably in the sight of all men.

    John Piper wrote a book: ‘Brothers, We Are Not Professionals’.   We would do well to heed
    its teachings…