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  1. I disagree completely with the requirement of public confession. What is the clear biblical statement on that requirement? We must not impose on any text what it does not say, with our own thoughts, or our own view of right or wrong. Nowhere in the bible does it ask for the public humiliation of a Pastor, as an indication of true repentance. That’s not biblical.

  2. As a pastor’s wife who has gone through a very painful and badly handled “public confession”, thorough repentance, and extremely zealous “accountability”, I have a very different perspective. Unfortunately, the attitudes of the leadership of our church were very judgmental, angry, and punitive (which doesn’t speak well for our previous training of these men). There was no restoration, unfortunately, so we struggled for almost 2 years with whether or not we had been disqualified for ministry in the future, feeling nothing but condemnation and rejection from those we had loved and served for over 27 years. (Sadly, due to the fact that our previous leaders never gave us any words of encouragement or restoration, we still struggle sometimes with fear that satan may somehow be able to use that past failure to discredit the name of Christ and destroy the faith of someone in our current ministry…even though God continues to reassure us of His forgiveness and restoration. We now “lead with a limp”.)
    Thankfully, another church stepped in and helped us with the restoration process…then God spoke very clearly and we did get back into ministry in strict obedience to His direction only. I must say that the grace God showed us is the grace we can now extend to others and we marvel that He is now choosing to use us both in a much more powerful way than He ever did in those previous 30 years of ministry!

  3. Fridbert August May 5, 2014 at 4:27 am

    Thank you for the clear words about such an important topic. What I miss the most in cases like these, is to acknowledge against whom the sin was committed. More often than not, people regret their acts because they were caught, and feel the shame of having their sin exposed. But, sadly, don’t understand that they sinned against God, and He knew it all the way. We hear things like “I hurt my wife”, “I let my congregation down”, and so on; and what about God?! If they only knew something about (and had experienced) the intimacy one can have with our Creator… I think repentance would sound different.