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  1. Pastor Rick – This is a great article. How do you recommend getting your board and pastor “on board”?

  2. This is very good. But my question here is; what about a pastor who does not like to apologize or take responsibility of his own actions? Should a pastor be involved in the day to day collections every Sunday instead the church’s treasurer? I think pastors should allow members to do their duties in the church without interruptions.

  3. Rev. Kelechukwu Benjamin August 14, 2016 at 8:32 pm

    The church has lost so much trying to compete with the world while leaving out the essentials, but now we see we must be rather spiritually focused in a demon-infested world.

  4. God has given you an amazing ability and you are using it.

  5. Thank you for a simple yet powerful outline of true ministry. I appreciate the candor in outlining the heart of what it is all about – ministry, not maintenance.

  6. Some Pastors feel that it is with too much activities that there church will be seen to be spiritually sound. TRUE?

  7. Pastor Sammy Nganga August 11, 2016 at 8:40 am

    Pastor Rick,
    This article blesses my heart. This a word for me for the moment for this is where many of us fail in leadership. God richly bless you.
    You are a blessing.

  8. PROPHET ZEPHANIAH August 11, 2016 at 5:39 am


  9. I agree that when it comes to organizational meetings, less is often more. Rick, you have been one of my mentors over the years. Thanks. See for free spiritual growth resources under “More.”

  10. churches are to focus on ministry not maintanance a church is built on the foundation of the apostels profetes gift that have to operate in the church churches focus more on making money then getting people into the kingdom of god

  11. Dominic Baptist August 10, 2016 at 6:01 pm

    Thanks Pastor for the wonderful message am so bless with them. Please keep it up Asunta you share with Ismail your idea like this one one mind is open for the new thing.

  12. Rev. Dr. Richard A. Erickson August 10, 2016 at 5:10 pm

    Pastor Rick:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful article on “Organizing Your Church”.

    I have actually gotten burned by a lot of attractive titles like yours, only to find that the author goes fifteen lines down and is then wanting to sell me a book. You gave wonderful information, but you didn’t ask for money. Thank you so much.

    PS I am using much of your material in my church because the corporate synod people have no idea at all about organizing things. As an example even bible study is left to the minister to find his own material or create it.

    Thank you again.

  13. My experience has been similar. And they usually wont change. It is hard to be lead by no vision, no passion, no purpose. You have to move on because they don’t/can’t speak the same language as you. Rarely will they come around this late in life. Too many people are stuck and don’t even know it. I had to move on and find learners and real leaders. Purpose driven people.

  14. I am reading through a book titled The Secret Teachings of Jesus. From the book: Jesus parents (Mari and Yoasaph) were Esseness meant they both possessed insight into the scriptures as well as an understanding of the overriding meaning of life. Jesus’s Jewish name was Yeshua. Two historians of the time wrote of them….true servants of peace….

  15. Bendiciones, gracias por tan excelente reportaje de como hacer crecer una congregación. Tomare en cuanta sus consejos..

  16. Great insight on how to grow our churches.

  17. Why is it that discussions of church organizational structure always seem to leave out what Paul says in I Corinthians? It is obvious that the church in his day, and apparently intended for us as well, was organized around the principal that ALL believers were given a gift or gifts to edify the body. Therefore, the structure of the church needs to be established in a way that enables all believers to participate when they gather together. We should remember that a pastor is not a job title assigned to someone with the best resume, education, or experience. A pastor is someone gifted by the Holy Spirit to be given to the church for its edification. In addition, there is ample evidence in the New Testament that the structure of the church, especially as regards oversight, is to be done by elders. This is a plurality of leadership not a one man leading everyone else. I think Dietrich Bonhoeffer was right – the church should not be in the business of owning property and buildings. We adapt our structure to the common everyday not-for-profit structure that, in most cases, is not biblical and is most definitely not a living, breathing organism, as the Body of Christ is meant to be on this earth.

    • Gary, you’re right. Every church needs a structure that allows every “member” to be a “minister” and for the administration to be handled by a plurality of elders. What I’m not sure of is where the idea came from that elders are a body of laypeople separate from the pastors. In our view, pastors and elders (and bishops too) all refer to the same overseers/shepherds. So we lead by a plurality of pastors/elders.

      • What exactly is a layperson in the kingdom of God? I thought we were all equals in the kingdom?

  18. Pastor Warren I am a minister in a small church in louisiana that physical and spiritual growth is dimenishing . I have been apart of this ministry for about 13 years and the church has been existing for over 50 years with different Pastors and the Pastor now is a jem but there has never been any structure established just church and my shoulders and heart are heavy trying to seek how and where to start to frame a great foundational church with substance.Please help me know where to start

  19. Dear Pastor Rick. What do I do as a junior pastor in my church who will be heard; as I have failed in my many attempts to draw the leadership attention to the you article above.

  20. Dear Pastor Rick. What you are talking about on this subject is very painful to the Body of Christ. In my observation as i studied how some Churches are structured, i discovered that those committee decision making members, most of them if not one have never been pastors before, however they are the ones who run the Church. Therefore, the only thing they know is to go by the laws made by themselves of which in most cases have nothing to do with growing a Church. This is the reason such Churches even if they plateaued to ten people in attendance, the committee remains. Could we be reminded of the seven letters in the book of Revelation, they were addressed to the Angel of the Church, pastor or leader and not Church committes.  God continue to bless you as you bless his Church.

    Pastor Samuel Mabina South Africa.

  21. “When organization is emphasized, ministry becomes the focus.”  Is there something wrong with this sentence or is it just me?

    • Thanks for the heads up!

      The sentence should have been clearer, such as – ‘When organization is over-emphasized, a church can lose its focus on ministry.’

      My bad. I should have caught it in the edit.

      [email protected]

    • Based on my person observations, a possible revision could be; “when organisation is emphasised, administration becomes the focus.”

  22. I should add: Rick, I hope it’s OK to use this in training with Africans and Asians. Because I will, anyway! (it’s easier to get forgiveness than permission).

  23. Good stuff, Rick. This is the logical terminus of our old discipler Al Broom’s progression of (1) Reaching New People (2) Training Them in the Basics (3) Equipping Them to Reproduce Spiritually (4) Mobilizing Them for MInistry According to Spiritual Gifts. A good way to put muscle and skin on the basic skeletal outline of Eph.4:11-13.

  24. A good article !  A simple and flexible structure will ensure there is zero unemployment in the congregation. As was pointed out, we all have gifts and talents that need to be recognized, cultivated and  channelled into the four/fivefold purpose of the church. But ministry won’t get too far without the help of the background maintenance guys who keep the engines running smoothly. “They also serve who only stand and wait ! ” (Milton)