How did this make an impact?

  1. You are the deceiver of many…………………….

  2. I think you need to talk to Walid Shoebat…he presents some information you should take the time to view this through a different set of glasses.

  3. I am sure you know we love Saddleback and believe all you have said. Just move on Rick!

  4. Thank you for the article and clearing this matter up.  You are in my prayers. 

  5. Thank you for clearing that up for me I figured Brother Rick would not make such a there anything that can be done about a news paper printing lies.
    Between the Media and Obama the Muslim faith is becoming more popular than Christianity,that is the way it looks, but I know in my heart the truth.

  6. The first time I read about Pastor Warren signing a covenant with the Muslims was in a reprinted article from August, 2009 from a publication called, “World Net Daily”.  It was re-published in a Christian newspaper called,  “St. Louis Metrovoice”, in August, 2011.  This is very, very disturbing due to the fact that “Metrovoice” is a well respected publication.  I respect Pastor Warren, and I’m glad he did try to put rumors to rest.  However, on the Yale Center for Faith and Culture website is an article called, “Loving God and Neighbor Together:  A Christian Response…” in which Pastor Warren’s name is affixed as a “signature” in agreement with the article.  The article claims to have verified the signatures via email, and that it is a faithful reprint from a New York Times publication on, November 18, 2007.  As anyone can see, this trail started long ago, and it’s no longer prejudiced bloggers who have access to these “facts”.  Unfortunately, thousands of good Christian people can and have been exposed to this.  It’s a very sobering indication that more of the same will come.  I hope and pray that Saddleback and Pastor Warren will be protected and exonerated amongst the true believers.  God bless. 

    • That signature is still there today. Are you saying that Pastor Rick Warren did not actually sign it? If so, then he should have retracted “his signature” like others have.

  7. when are you going to run through the street at 1130am naked? 

  8. Another example of False Reporting – Orange County Register published Negative Views & Assumptions when this was a very Good Example of people of different religions coming together and at least identifying Beliefs they all have in common.

  9. Please keep living Gods purpose for your life Pastor Rick Warren.They hate the very purpose God blessed you them zero mind.

  10. Ah, the benefits of pastoring a super effective church, writing great books, and loving people to Jesus! Keep it up Rick! God is using you at an exponential level! There are millions that are Christ followers from you following The Holy Spirit’s leading!
    I can’t thank you enough for the investments you have made in my life!
    Shake the dust off your feet…Or tell em to piss off!(i think they mean the same if you say it with a smile on your face:)

  11. Thank you for being a pastor with integrity, compassion, and a love for all people. May God continue to bless and use you for His glory.
    Carol Godwin

  12. Keep doing Gods work Sattleback church. We love you. The devil is busy, but God is greater.

  13. I am an enormous admirer of your work and witness.  I couldn’t agree more with your wonderful response to criticism and our irresponsible and ignorant press.  At the same time,  something very important is being touched on here, albeit in the most irresponsible way by some, that really does get to the heart of our proclamation of the one true God.  When you published your rebuttal to your mailing list earlier, it asserted that “of course” Christians and Muslims do not worship the same God, because we know Christ is divine and they deny it. But is a disagreement over the Trinity really sufficient to declare that “of course” we don’t worship the same God?  In my community, and all over the world, people who deny that Muslims, Christians and Jews worship the one God of Scripture are busy sowing hatred and  division.  I know you are not like them.  We Christians believe in God in three persons with one substance, while Muslims do not.  That does, of course, give us a very different understanding of God, as we see him in and through the person of Christ.  But when from there we say “they don’t worship the same God we do,” I think we do great disrespect to the brotherhood of humanity and to the historical relationship that exists between our faiths.  

  14. I think this is an important cautionary tale, and we need to remember it the next time we don’t extend the same consideration to those with whom we don’t agree.  The rush to believe the negative about our “opponents” runs both ways.

  15. The Word of God says, “Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that you should earnestly contend for the faith which was delivered unto the saints.” It is also necessary to warn both the wicked, and the righteous who trust in their past good works but have turned from righteousness, that unless they repent they will be eternally lost. Ezekiel 3:16-21. Although these verses are Old Testament and in context apply to Israel I believe it is also true for believer’e today to be a watchman. Paul would say in Acts 20:26-30 “Wherefore I take you to record this day, that I am pure from the blood of all men. For I have not shunned to declare the whole councel of God. Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over which the Holy Ghost has made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he has purchased with his own blood.For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw disciples after them.”

    It is not a matter of Pastor Warren’s way, or anyone’s way for that matter, it is what the Word of God teaches and God’s ways that are important. Jesus said he is the way… If we do not go about His work His way are we doing His work? Or, are we trying to obtain Godliness by our own works? Think about this carefully. “It pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.” Paul will give us instruction that by preaching we are to win the lost. Titus 1:3 But hath in due times manifested his word through preaching, which was committed unto me according to the commandment of God our Saviour.” The book of Acts gives us the working of the Holy Spirit through the disciples and preaching is the means they used to win the lost. Do we add to God’s word and change what he commanded? When Paul spoke of being all things to all people was he saying we should be an alcoholic to win the drunk? Was he saying we should commit adultery to win the sexually promiscuous or take drugs so we can relate to the drug addict? God forbid. Paul became all things to all people because he preached the same message to all people. It is the only message that saves and heals and delivers, Jesus Christ and Him crucified. 

  16. Pastor Rick. Thank you for clarifying the lies of the “enemy”. I did not waste my time reading what was written about Saddleback. I read your response. You and your Church have been an inspiration to my famiy. You are a beacon of light in this dark world. May God bless you and give you a long life to continue reaching our to the world with the message fo Jesus Christ.

    • por experiencia propia se lo que es y lo que duele ese tipo de injusticia pero se y me felicito porque cuando sucede   estos ataques  esta siendo atcado el enemigo por nuestro testimonio y trabajo Sergio URUGUAY .
      Cuanto mas le contestamos mas alimentamos ese tipo de prensa ,solo nos resta orar para permitir que Dios obre permitiendole que el juzgue Sergio

    • Teddy Quinones June 22, 2014 at 10:16 pm

      1st Bible Baptist Church makes New Members to sign a Contract that if a girl came this Church pregnant with no husband, theChurch would throw out the girl cause she’s not married. This Church has No Food Pantry!!! They are Independent Bible Baptist Church that takes profit from 1 rehab to benefit the Church & let the Newcomer pay on their own which is $7,500. for 5 to 8 months Reformers Anonymous Program. They just don’t like anybody with opinions & questioning authorities. Just tell it to Jesus & you are there for yourself. No relationships unless if you got $$$$$$$$$ to live suburban & controlled by a man. A woman should be in the kitchen instead of working. Let the man work & help out with the family. Women are Not empowered, just that she’s a slave & let the man work. So, email me on what you think about this.

  17. Welcome to our Catholic world.  The liberal press, the Satan bloggers, the anti-Christians/anti Catholics look for any weaknesses in our faith and are never hesitant to distort or just outright make things up.  As a Catholic, I find Rick Warren’s messages very enlightening and helpful in my day to day life and use his insights to help me be a better Catholic/Christian.

    God Bless!!!

  18. Neuber Lourenço March 13, 2012 at 8:49 am

    in fact, people are afraid of the unfamiliar. Imagine what the apostle Paul did not suffer at the hands of loyalists. I pray that God strengthens you, your leadership and Saddleback community church
    Igreja Batista da Orla de Niterói

  19. Just keep doing what you are doing. It has been such an encouragment and teachable moments over the years in ministry to see how you respond to things. Thank you! I read something about Job that changed my perspective. The enemy doesn’t like it when we are in a position of influence, he really is attacking Christ who we know already has won the victory. We just get caught in the fiery darts he’s throwing. But we have the power of Christ working in us who raised Jesus Christ from the dead, so thats who he is really aiming at. You know the Holy Spirit is doing something great when as Paul says, the Gospel is being preached even though it is by our advisary. You, Pastor Rick are having a platform to preach the Gospel message. Praise God!!! 

    I LOVE YOU!!

  21. Amazing that I just had a member of my church asking these questions and wondering about you and Saddleback church.  Amazing that NOW, (I bet you didn’t know this either) you are a trustee with the United Nations!  When will the attacks stop.  Not in this life.  Be faithful and continue the race that is set before us all.

  22. Praying God’s prevailing truth!

  23. Are we really surprised in these last days,that rumors and lies abound. You must have hit a nerve with Satan, he  will do anything and everything to twist the truth.Satan is most dangerous with a bible in his hands. These last days are his last kick at the can, so he is going to resort to whatever means he can to attack.We are all vulnerable,but we are all able to put him behind us in the name of our precious lord Jesus. We put on the armor and wield the sword of the word of God, and slay him with the truth. Perhaps this negative attention is just another  platform for you to speak out in the name of the Lord and use it as a tool to reach even more people! The Lord works in mysterious ways and when we exhibit unfailing faith, even in trying circumstances He will use that negative experience for his good purpose. Look at all of the parables, and the how the Pharisees were always trying to trip up Jesus. This is no different. God bless the faithful servant. I think we all know that you have demonstrated grace under fire. 

  24. When first ordained the local press ran a pleasant article with a great quotation from me.  The only problem is that I never actually said it!  That little incident stirred me to remain cautious – or even sceptical – about what the media say, whether good or bad.

  25. Sebastiaan van Wessem March 13, 2012 at 12:57 am

    Great post. Great explanation. I did hear some rumors, but when they’re about Saddleback and Pastor Rick Warren I know they’re probably not true, so I don’t even waste my time in trying to find out more.

    We’ve had lots of lies posted about us in local media, but that was only small scale compared to how you all are being targeted.

    Keep up the good work!

    Pastor Sebastiaan van Wessem
    Thousand Hills International Church, the Netherlands

  26. Hi all
    It seems the same the world over.  When it comes to the media “You don’t ever let the facts spoil a good story”.  How often, when we know the facts, does the impact of the story change?
    The trouble is that once such an error ridden story is released, the spoiling is done – often too late for any retraction or moderation to have real resolution.  When this spoiling is perpetuated by Christian brothers and sisters the cutting pain is deep and the wounds difficult to heal.
    Pastor Rick – well done you for re-opening the wound to get the facts of this story out!  I sense this has hurt you deeply.
    Folks, now is the time for healing to commence.  Pray that God by His Holy Spirit will pour out his salve into the lives of senior people at Saddleback.  May God continue to add His blessing to the church at Saddleback – which in turn continues to bless so many people world wide.
    Pastor Rick – rest and take refreshment that God is providing to you through the prayers of many.  You might yet end up ministering to many of these detractors that come to you seeking forgiveness and life changing healing and release!  That will be such a blast – thank you Jesus!
    All, please pray that the media the world over will see the power of the story of the Gospel in changing the world for the better, and honorably report those who present Jesus to this world.  After all, are we not the activists that have the real deal on how this world can be changed for good – and for good . . .
    Blessings all
    Lake Joondalup Baptist Church
    Western Australia


  27. Bless you Ps. Rick. Indeed (in our own strenth, through our own wisdom and arguments) we cannot change the heart’s of men. However, they are helpless against our prayers!
    Jesus said love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. (Matthew 5:44)

  28. Hi Rick,
    You are a great pastor that helps literally thousands of pastors all over the world. Thank you for explaing this. As a great pastor like you, you know the devil has tried this since the beginning of time and to this day, not getting anywhere but his end in the lake of fire is closer and closer. Please continue to help us with your articles and put these distractions now under your feet where they belong. I am a Baptist pastor in Australi and a similar thing happend to me. I went to see my superintendant and he said to me, “…I had similar articles and they are rubbish and just a waste of your time…” We are praying for you and Saddleback church that these hate bloggers will be hit by the power of God so they will come to repentance and give their lives to Jesus – poor them!
    We love you Rick and the Saddleback church
    Joshua – Brisbane Australia

  29. Although, really, what else should we expect from the media? The media is a capitalist entity designed to make money. If they can make money by reporting dubious facts, twisting the truth and blowing things way out of proportion (and there has been enough chatter to this effect within the media itself), I have no doubt that they will. I have heard enough accounts from people I trust of incidents where the media twists and misrepresents the truth that I am I not surprised to hear that this newspaper has published erroneous facts about Saddleback.

    • There is no doubt Rick Warren spoke to the Islamic Society of North America a few years ago. He clearly said to his listeners talk is cheap and expressed his goal and interest in interfaith projects and not interfaith dialog with Muslims. The INSA is an American arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. It was founded in 1981 by a group of individuals which included the North American leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Sami al-Arian. In 2007-8, INSA was named by the U.S. Department of Justice as a willing participant in the financing of millions of dollars to Hamas. 

      At the convention where Pastor Warren spoke he was one of several speakers that included some individuals who are considered terrorist supporters. Some of these fellow speakers include, Siraj Wahhaj, and unindicted co-conspirator of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing; Zulfiqar Ali Shah, the former South Asia Director of KindHearts, a Hamas fundraising group  that was shut down by the FBI in 2006; Naeem Muhammad, a U.S. staff member of Islamic relief, a charity that Israel intelligence has claimed is a front for Hamas. Notwithstanding, Rick Warren’s favorable comments that came after an invitation to Syria where he expressed only praise to the Assad government upon his return.

      There is nothing more important than the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and him crucified as the only solution to man’s problems. Likewise, this is God’s chosen method to win the lost. As beneficial as community projects may appear they can often times miss the opportunity to win the lost and help struggling believers who need to find victory over the sin nature that’s ruling and reigns in their lives. The mixture of psychology and new age concepts clearly seen in PDC and PDL are clear examples of mixture that God can not bless or use. Howard Bliss gradually removed the preaching of the Gospel to Muslim’s in the Middle East because he was not seeing results. He gradually moved towards humanitarian assistance and was accepted by the “locals” for his help. The Bible says we can gain the whole world but there is little benefit in that if we lose our soul. The sad result was the Middle East could have been enlightened with the Gospel but instead higher education and acceptance was more important that the eternal souls of Muslims held in darkness; by a demonic religion that suppresses freedoms, especially for women. Outside of a small population of Muslims who enjoy freedom here in the USA  and Europe the vast majority of Muslim’s in the world are illiterate and indoctrinated in hatred to Israel, and the West. After 30 years of Ministering to Muslim’s, and warning Christian’s of Islamic persecution, it is obvious for me to see there is no similarity of Christian and Islamic belief’s, including Judaism. One is truth and the other, Islam, is a lie. Bible prophecy shows us that the nations that surround Israel, mentioned in Psalm 83, are all Islamic today. The only hope for Muslim’s is to hear the uncompromising truth of the Gospel; Jesus Christ is God and he became man to die for man’s sin. Didn’t Pastor Warren miss an opportunity to preach the Gospel at INSA? Also, his signature on the document “Common Word”  displays either his ignorance of Islamic strategy to use unsuspecting Christian’s to forward their agenda of US toleration towards Islam or, his unwillingness to act with courage to preach the Gospel, in fear he may not be accepted by Muslim’s? Current efforts to “bridge” the divide of 1400 years of Islamic hatred to anything non-Muslim by many scholars will fail, because Muslim’s believe those in the west live in a a land of dar al-harb( a land of war) needing to be subjugated to Islam through Jihad…by tongue than sword when they are powerful enough. 

      Sadly, many today gain their inspiration from man and not the Holy Spirit. Pastors run their churches like a secular business and numbers are more important that the message. The meshing of worldly techniques coupled with pragmatism minimizes the cross of Christ and places man’s work performance as the new measure of his character. Proper faith will always provide Godly works.”For we are created in Christ Jesus unto good works…” 

      I pray for the adherents of the teachings of Saddleback church. In no wise do I question motives or sincerity but I do know at times the Gospel can be offensive, especially to believer’s who are focused on personalities  rather than the purity of the Gospel. It would make sense for Pastor Warren to present a clear position on difficult issues to prevent or minimize criticism. His flip-flop position on Proposition 8 is another example of double speak that some accuse of embracing. God bless and may God’s truth prevail for us all.

      • You’re repeating what has been said in plenty of other places. But where you say “God can’t bless or use” PDC or PDL, I think you’re arguing with a mountain of results – changed lives, saved souls, baptized believers, fixed marriages, and growing churches.

        God has blessed Pastor Rick, Saddleback, PDC, PDL, etc. 

      • Aside from the one comment you isolate, what about the rest of what I’ve said? For your information, I do not follow or read what others say. I research the facts and go to the sources. I read the transcript of the INSA speech by Pastor Warren. I have also read PDL six times and PDC twice. I listen to Pastor Warren’s services and watched the World Economic Forum speech made by Pastor Warren. It is clear that his world PEACE plan is not the Gospel. I guess I would be satisfied if he would come clear and say this isn’t the Gospel but I think it’s a good idea, or something of the like. It seemed Planting churches was not satisfactory and maybe offensive, so it was changed?  My concern is this type of, what appears to be deception, needs to be exposed to unsuspecting believers. 

        To address the results, I have debated and spoken with many faiths. Muslim leaders will also point to how much Islam has changed the lives of its followers. Psychology has also boasted to help humanity and that we know that is a lie as well.  How can a perverted sin sicken man, Freud, and his protege who boasted of nacromacy in his first book, “Seven Sermons to the Dead” by Carl Yung, claims he received the four personality types-which Warren refers in PDL to Peter, from a disembodied spirit he called Philemon, help anyone?. I have spoken to may Pastor’s accross America and PDL has harmed their church  and caused splits. The same was true with other C Peter Wagner promotions, including G12.   

        I suppose what will happen with our dialog is the predetermined mindset where anyone who criticizes Pastor Warren is wrong and therefore is then catagorized with the bloggers as haters. That is untrue and unreasonable to conclude, if you are thinking that way. This is not a personal issue for me but one of the purity of the Gospel and the proper works Christian’s should embrace. 

        Once again, God bless you and all the members of your church. I would like you to consider God’s patience. He was slow to judge Israel for her stubborness. She was mixing other gods with Jehovah. I believe PDL movement is a mixture of worldly ways with the Gospel. In God’s grace he will be patient but at some point He will have to act for His name’s sake. Fortunately, for His names sake God has not entirely forsaken Israel. Sadly though it will take seven years of tribulation and the second coming of Jesus Christ for them to say, “Where did you receive the wounds in your hands?” And he will say to them, ” I received it in the house of my friends.” Correction is difficult but it’s what we do with it that makes a difference.

      • Jlift – After reading everything you’ve said here, I have come to the realization that you have not actually done your research. Please refrain from writing about things in which you do not know, or, better yet, read the truth again without the poison in your heart. You have become a weapon of Satan.

      • Aside from my opinions, what factual information have I presented that is incorrect? Sadly you’re missing my whole whole point. 

        Paul said, “Am I your enemy because I tell you the truth?” I am not a weapon of Satan, nor am I accusing any other Christian of being a “weapon of Satan” here. Because I disagree and share things that go against what you may think you immediately desire to censor me? There are other religions that had the power to censor. Is this what you’e advocating PDL adherents practice? I do not believe Pastor Warren would support that view. God bless you Lars. 

      • Your statements about Muslims is wildly inaccurate and irresponsible. Don’t generalize because of what you see on CNN in Pakistan. Most Muslims do not hate the west and strangely enough do not walk around with ‘Jihad’ on their minds. I am British, White, Christian and have lived in a Muslim country for the last 15 years and most of the Muslims I know are respectful, God fearing people who believe that Jesus was a prophet and, by the way, most of them believe that we worship the same God.      

      • Muslims do not believe Jesus is God and became man to pay the debt of sin for man, by the cross. How many Muslim’s have you won to Jesus Christ? I have studied Islam for 30 years and have seen many come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I have thoruoughly read their literature. The Koran, Hadith, Tasfir along with other works, i.e. Ibn  Ishaq’s biography of Muhammad and works of their scholars. Are you aware that America had President’s and Secretary of State’s, like John Adam’s, that sent letters of accommodation with Missionaries’ Pliny fish and Levi Parsons to convert the “barbaric” Muslim’s of the Middle East to come to Jesus Christ. I can go on for days but sadly you are more concerned about one man’s reputation than the objective of my notes. You have some wild impression I am attacking Pastor Warren. I am not. I am using my Biblical liberty to “judge all things.” I am concerning myself with the message being presented and not so much the person. I am not casuing dissention. You behave more like a cult memeber than a fellow believer. I have yet to see one individual identify where my facts are wrong. Maybe we disagree on interpretation but my facts and my research are accurate. I do not judge by my small experience. Your world view of Muslims has been shaped by your limited experience of living among a few in one geographic location. And yes, many are wonderful and nice people. I know because I had some working for me years ago.  But look at all the Islamic ruled nations in the world and you will see the horror that Muslims live because of Islam. Muslim’s are the biggest victims of Islam. It’s essential we witness the truth that Jesus is Lord and Savior to them lest they die in darkness. You find fault with my love to them to tell them the truth??? You are upset with me because I read Pastor Warren’s speech to INSA and felt it was inappropriate to use that setting to develop a works partnership? The Bible says,Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness?And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he he that believeth with an infidel? And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols?” Paul said we are debtors to preach them the Gospel. Romans 1:14-16. Is it so hard to say Pastor Warren was wrong and Scripturally incorrect? Paul had to confront Peter when he was the one that caused “dissimulation” (hypocrisy) by separating himself from the Jews. I appreciate the clarification by Pastor Warren. I still believe he needs to remove his name from the “Common Word” document. Once again, think and pray before you respond with only your emotion. I love you all and am not your enemy. I know Islam and Minister to many with the Love of GOD. Oh, I have also sent correction to another popular Minister who is incorrect in his stane on Jews and their need for salvation by accepting Jesus Christ. Just a thought. Amos was an unknown and God used him to speak. Maybe I am someone God has called to say something to you. God bless and peace through Christ Jesus.

      • One clarification on the Pastor I corrected. He is the one who believes Jews do not need to accept Jesus Christ. I believe they must also accept Jesus Christ to be saved. My dad was Jew and now saved by the blood of Jesus. My wording in my last comments may not be understood to easily. I hope this clarification helps.

      • Causing dissention among Christians is a tool of the devil. What have you really done here, besides twist the truth to meet your unknown needs?

      • If Pastor Rick chooses not to preach Christ when he’s with Jews, Muslims, the Davos dudes, Assad, Blair,, what is that to you? Just b/c Jesus said that whoever is ashamed of him….
        Just b/c Paul preached Christ on Mars Hill….
        Just b/c he preach repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ….
        doesn’t mean that Pastor Rick has to, too! He has HIS way, Jesus & Paul had God’s. So there!