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  1. Praise the Lord Almighty!

  2. Gustavo A Lozano January 4, 2024 at 4:04 pm

    Thank you. This really speaks to me. It helps to reframe my calling no matter the size of the church and helps me to refocus my attention in the importance of each individual and the significance of every part of the body. We live in an environment where it is easy to compare to other ministries and under value the personal call and his call for each particular church.

  3. Many faithful pastors needed this! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this article. I always enjoy Pastor Rick’s down-to-earth teachings and, despite being a Pastor of a mega church, he shows love and respect for the little guy who pastors a small church. This article is so encouraging that it will be one that I save and read again and again and again. I have shared it with my friends who are also Pastors of small churches and they were tremendously blessed as well. Thank you Pastor Rick for being a source of encouragement to us who have the wonderful privilege of being pastors of smaller churches. God bless you, your family and ministry. This is a timely word to start off with in 2024.

    In Service to The King
    Pastor F. D. Moore

  5. Pastor Warren, THANK YOU for this blog. I pastor a church in Eastern North North Carolina, which could be designated as “Small Town/Rural.” Following a Quarterly Business Meeting, I was confronted by a “disgruntled” member who proceeded to point out that they were not happy with the words or actions, which I had spoken about earlier in the meeting. Thank you for reminding me that the Church consists of many, and not just one. By the way, I have been in the pastoral ministry 35 years, and sometimes the actions & comments of “one, a few, or ‘they'” still sting. God’s Blessings.