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  1. Thank you for sharing so honestly and vulnerably. My name is John Eklund and I’ve been championing the opioid crisis response for Celebrate Recovery. This kind of candid & personal conversation around the use and abuse of opioids is vital to giving faces and names to the shocking numbers of those being devastated by this epidemic. Celebrate Recovery is committed to stemming the tide of this national health emergency that is seeing 140 fatal overdoses a day. We are committed to making a difference 1 more changed life at a time. God bless you, and thanks again for sharing!

  2. PTL for how he continues to use and bless others through you, and honor His name.

  3. Dr Gloria E Fabrigas October 18, 2018 at 3:03 pm

    Thanks for sharing Kay. I run a government drug prevention and recovery wellness program here in Tacloban City Philippines, ( where Super Typhoon Haiyan devasted our city) i mobilize faith based as coaches. In fact i bought a set of celebrate recovery when i was in US. Hope i can learn more

  4. Thank you so much Kay for sharing this. Our 30-year-old son struggled with heroin addiction and now is struggling with an addiction to the drug that was supposed to help him get off heroin: Subutex. He recently moved in with us for a short time while he waits to get into a detox facility. My wife and I have been participating in Celebrate Recovery for 13 years to work on our codependency. It is because of Celebrate Recovery we have had the love and support we need as we walk this heartbreaking journey. Our hope is not in the future but is solely in Jesus Christ. We don’t know the future but we do know who will be with us in the future. Knowing others are walking this journey with us provides the support we need. We deeply love our son and are cheering him on in his quest for sobriety and the life God has for him. Anger, fear, love have all coincided at the same time in our relationship. Today however, because of Celebrate Recovery, we have less anger, less fear, and more love. We are very grateful for that.