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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful Testimony. I’m in the midst of grief myself and trying so hard to continue to Praise Jesus in this Storm . He has been so so good to us . My heart will focus on the Love that Jesus has for us and the testimony he allowed my husband to have in his 22 years of sobriety and being a child of the One True King. God had a plan for him then and he has a plan for us now . Blessings to you . Vickie

  2. So thought provoking. As I walk this dreaded cancer journey with Richard I have many of the thoughts you express. Thank you for sharing this❤️

  3. You have opened my eyes through your testimony and sorrow just how blessed we are to know the wonderful love of Jesus and our Father in Heaven. We all grieve with you Gordon but we know the hope we all have if we allow Him to have control of our lives, just as Jan did. I pray for you every day Gordon. Stay strong!

  4. So true and we all suffer from “Me”.

  5. May God help us in life struggles and especially, when disease and death are coming to destroy our joy and hope in Him. I am still not finding joy since my wife died after worldwide prayers offered to God in her behalf.
    I still see Satan obstructing my way and painting the picture that my God’s not all powerful.
    My heart melts in agony and pains when I remember my loss and the visa challenge that also didn’t come the last time after many prayers.
    I ask myself, “where is divine intervention, where’s divine providence and where is divine power”?

  6. Michelle Smith connell December 19, 2019 at 9:40 pm

    Thank you Gordon Dasher for heartfelt thoughts and a lesson on living. I can’t imagine your grief yet as your son said your story will and continue to help all of us as we suffer in life.

    Please remember you are loved !