How did this make an impact?

  1. I feel like I am always looking into the promised land but never allowed to enter.

  2. Some of the discouragements come from our Senior Pastors. When you as a serving pastor we are going the wrong way and stressing the flock, and besides every body is complaining. Attendance begins to dwindle, spirituality is no more, and all the message is about grabbing the cars, moneys, houses and the like. It will make you ask again and again “Did I really hear from God to join this ministry”, “How did I find myself here”
    You’ll fill like leaving and yet you thing you will be label a rebellious pastor, and besides a lot of the congregation looks up to you to set good residence.
    Ahh sometimes I am really tempted to giving up!!!

  3. Great blog post. by the way, are we as pastors honest enough to cry to God in this fashion?
    I love Moses as well, who cried out to God when leadership during the Exodus became to much!
    charley Blom Genesee Home

  4. Balisanyuka vincent January 25, 2012 at 9:44 pm

    Thanks Dr Tim this is a message that can encourage ministers ,even if we are facing the same challengs but here in the third world contries we need more grace to keep on going.As a senior Pastor in Africa nations and leading other Pastors this is a great challeng we are meeting in ministry many Pastor stop ministring because of many challengs.We need this here in our country uganda for incouragement.If it happened to Peter it can happen to any Leader.Thanks God bless you.Pastor vincent and stella Balisanyuka  Church web muhorrocfc