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  1. Erroll Jackson April 1, 2018 at 8:00 pm

    Why does the Bible say that when 2 or more pray together Jesus is amongst them. But then Jesus says I am always with you. What is the difference. Jesus also says He leads me through everyday by my right. Is it that he is just stating over and over how many different ways and the many situations he is involved in. But saying I am always with you incompasses all situations. So why all the different references to all the different situations

  2. What is the best route to take to share my faith in- and love for- Jesus, – to my family of un-believers? I am only asking after already sharing my testimony with them, trying to live Christ-like, and praying to God to cause them to turn to Him, whatever that may look like. I feel like they’re comments sometimes tests my faith. They believe there is no God – especially because of the abuse and death in the mentally ill population. Mental illness runs in my family and as I’m typing this, I’m just realizing how much I have vented aloud regarding his treatment or the absence of since he’s been hospitalized and living in a group home (all beginning in 2011. Anyway, I always feel like I’m failing at the way I present my struggles in life and how my faith grew walking through so much pain with Jesus. So, I guess without spilling all this that I just did, basically, is there a better or best way to bring a family member or anyone else for that matter, to Jesus?

    • Tom Bilderback March 27, 2018 at 4:54 am

      Hello Star,
      First, let me say I work with folks dealing with mental illness daily. They are a part of the culture where I am. Your desire for your family to know the joy of the Lord is beautiful. However you have placed upon yourself (I believe) an unrealistic expectation. You, nor I, nor anyone can (bring) any other human into a relationship with God. We can pray for them, as you’ve said, and we can consistently and faithfully model Jesus in every aspect of our lives. When we aren’t good examples we can be honest as well, referencing our Savior who always is.
      There is scripture in Romans talk about being responsible for what has been made known to us. One must ask with a person who has mental illness, how much can they be held responsible for? How much can they honestly understand? We cannot be good judges of this but I believe God is. Gods mercy doesn’t run out in spite of what is just, but it can justify us when we have no ability to do so.
      Im sure there may be other opinions on this and I have an open ear and heart to whomever might have another perspective. Star depend on the Lord and be a faithful witness, pray and audaciously love this family in good and the bad, that is all the Lord ask of you.