How did this make an impact?

  1. I agree and support global missions. However I am called and see such a wide open unserved mission field in our backyards….so many needs among the struggling single moms, those struggling with addictions, DCFS youth and dependent on a broken Government system of Medicaid, DCFS, the need for foster parents etc…. WHERE IS THE GLOBAL CHURCH IN THIS MISSION FIELD? It appears that WE are ignoring James 1:27 and passively accepting a broken Government “system” to serve this mission and call where THE CHURCH is supposed to be (and has been in the past)!

    • Kevin, I appreciate your heart and thoughts in this, but I think there’s a huge difference–in many other countries there are almost no established churches and little to no believers, but here there are huge numbers of churches. And on one count this country had 90% of the world’s believers. I think it’s safe to say that the church isn’t here to cure all of society’s issues, especially since it is a much smaller part of the whole society, and I think the James passage is referring to those in the church. Yes things like the Peace Plan are involved with practical helps but I think the purpose is to earn a hearing, as a means to getting the gospel out.