How did this make an impact?

  1. Cristina and Michael Morgenlander August 2, 2023 at 9:56 pm

    This is amazing, for seventeen years my husband and I have been missionaries in Colombia, taking with us the Gospel, His love, Hope, and His grace to the children, the parents, and the community. Two months ago today, we came back from the mission field there, learning from God that we have to move to Colombia to grow His flock, and to build His church. The church is planted, we going to build his people. Our people in Colombia have hope in God, and we going to disciple them and to develop them to grow spiritually so that, together we can bring more people to God. We going to evangelize the parents of 75 children to whom we teach the Word of God. We will also have a permission for the principal of the school district to develop 175, children to be leaders of Jesus, starting in 2024.

    Also, the universities in the Atlantic Cost of Barranquilla, are in the same areas. Many students need Jesus to be save and to discover their purpose and serve Him, and we are committed to share the Gospel with the students there, in corporation with the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and His Father.

    Thank you Pastor Rick, for your encouragement. We love you.

    We are going by faith. We are moving in February 29, 2024. Please pray for us.

    Cristina and Michael Morgenlander
    Together Making a different in His Kingdom