How did this make an impact?

  1. Humility amazes people. Thank you for being humble!! Love you :)

  2. Patricia Portnoi January 14, 2020 at 9:35 am

    Thanking God for Rick. Thank you very much for sharing, Rick. Now I know how to pray for you.

  3. Am new here but interested in what I read and I have lots of things I need to get help with

  4. This is what I read just before facing my fear of public praying again. Our Pastor was hoping that I would pray up front with a microphone. All I could think of was how my brain and my mouth don’t work together under stress. My stomach started gurgling and butterflies started rolling around in there. So I tried to get my mind off of the fear by checking my email and here was this story. Talk about God’s timing being perfect. Thank you so much. It helps.

  5. Thank you for sharing your weakness. I was aware that you had a problem, because I am a volunteer worship leader at Brookdale and Del Obispo Terrace in San Juan Capistrano. I am not a member of Saddleback, but I love sharing music with the clients at these two places. Although I knew you had a health problem regarding a brain issue, but had no idea what it was. I am so glad to know what it is. I now know how to pray for you. God bless you for doing God’s work in spite of your symptoms.

  6. May God Bless Pastor Rick; you changed my life for better!

  7. I’m heartfully grateful for this message on weakness, because this is my serious issue. I’ve been praying for spiritual strength, JESUS help me with my PRAYER life, because I need to be consistent with my prayer life and that’s where my weakness is. After praying to be consistent, then I can feel weak, but I still talk to GOD thanking HIM because I’m ever so so grateful, especially to be among the living today, GOD brought me through a 100% massive heart attack, duration time of an hour and half. Whoever survived a massive heart attack and lived to tell about it? HALLELUJAH! I’m the “walking goodness of GOD” can’t praise GOD enough, can’t tell about HIM enough, there’s no word enough in my spirit and OUR GOD/YESHUA is beyond words. May GOD, for JESUS sake BLESS me with strength to be consistent with my prayer life, in YESHUA’S name. Pastor Rick, praise GOD for you! This article on weakness really hit me that I had to respond, which I don’t really do for fear, you know when you’re alone, thinking am I doing the right thing, or how will I be criticize? But GOD.

  8. God bless you Rick! I love and appreciate that you have shared this with us. I find comfort and encouragement in your story. Only a Loving, Powerful, Amazing God, like ours, can give someone strength to persevere like you have. I too, deal with crippling anxiety at certain times. I work with the public and at times it’s physically impossible to take care of their needs. But, what is physically impossible, is not impossible for my God. He is with me and gives me the confidence and courage to persevere. His presence is so powerful throughout my day, blessing me with success and renewed faith. I am so in love with HIM!
    I saw a presentation recently, “A Journey to the Potter’s House”. In it the presenter teaches, through sculpting pottery, that all of our cracks, our imperfections, are what God uses to strengthen others. In one of his presentations, he ends with a story about a pot that was so broken that it seemed impossible that it would be of any use to anyone. As the Potter lovingly puts the pot back together, she is placed at the top of a hill. Once filled with water, all of her imperfections allow water to seep down the hill and water all below her causing abundant growth and blessing.
    I believe this is how God is using you!
    I will pray for you

    With love in Christ,


  9. Rev Ernest George January 8, 2020 at 6:00 am