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  1. Please advise How long it takes from phase 5 to phase 6 ?

    • Hello Mustafa,

      There is not an exact time period between the phases. Keep trusting God as he builds your character and turns dead-ends into deliverance!

      We are praying for you.

      The team

  2. I love this mesage. When someone told me that they had a bad dream about me sitting in a corner surrounded by people from a certain church, i was a bit spooked but since i know that i have been going through a rough patch and have been praying for a breakthrough and a miracle, i thought this might be the end of the road for me. After reading this passage, i reaise that it couldn’t be worse than what i have already been through. This might symbolise the end of my suffering. I will continue praying for my breakthrough and my blessings to physicaly mainfest since i know that the good Lord has already delivered His promise to me!