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  1. Thanks man of God for great encouragement 2chroni 16:9

  2. Great insightful wisdom in bit sized portions. Thanks for sharing this. It’s helpful to me.

  3. Very great stuff. i really appreicate this!

  4. So insightful… just what i need right now for the campus ministry i head…. ‘The church isn’t yours, it is God’s’. that really got me…

  5. Amen
    Glory be to God
    Dear pastor, you are such a blessing and may God continue to work in you and through you.

  6. This was so powerful and encouraging at the same time, im a associate min at my church and I’ve been encouraging my pastor to build up our leaders and renew the vision for our church because attendance has fallen off people aren’t comming please pray for Gods church Good News (fgbc).⛪

  7. Reginald Williams January 3, 2019 at 1:38 am

    Thank you, Rick! I needed this to reorder my thinking and center me in the midst if a vibrant congregation, with lots of activity, and has gone through a significant transition.

  8. I appreciate what you say on this article. Please pray for me and my church or God’s church that I am serving here in Vanuatu, South Pacific.

  9. Thanks Rick, I always appreciate the things you share and the fact that you have never forgotten whose Church you pastor and serve. I pray God will continue to bless you with His grace. Thanks for sharing about the importance of having God’s vision not ours.

  10. I’m both heartened and inspired as I prepare to speak on January 6th when we will have dedication of leadership.

  11. Robin Allan Fisher January 2, 2019 at 3:33 pm

    Awesome post. Our church grew to 250 with a vision for reaching the lost through a home cell based strategy. Then after 16 home cells everything fell apart. Leaders refused to divide cells. The cells stagnated. Everyone blamed me as senior pastor. I tried to explain that they need to stick to the multiplication plan. Slowly it crumbled. Then came the attack on my marriage. My wife was deceived into believing I was having affairs with many women. Irrational reasoning and dreams and visions plagued her. I prayed, fasted, sought counselling. The children were alienated. She eventually confessed that God had given her another man. Unsaved and not interested in Christ nor His Kingdom. She filed for divorce and went around to all the families in the church convincing them to stay away. We shrunk to 8 people on a Sunday. I offered the leaders my resignation. They refused and told me we would rebuild together. I was devastated, deflated, demotivated and defeated. In my quiet time I asked the Lord where I had missed him. He said put away the books on church growth and seek me. I give the increase. Be faithful then you will find me faithful. I hung on desperately. Dragged myself to church meetings, prayer meetings, leaders planning meetings. Gave up my grandiose plans with numbered growth charts and financial projections. Left full-time ministry. Took a job lecturing at university to support my family. We focused on our basic strategy of friendship evangelism, quality leadership, and the core message of getting to know our Heavenly Father through His Word. Slowly, very slowly God began to move. New people came. Old members came back. Sunday school children became youth and learned to play instruments to form our live worship team after 10 years. Our Bible school started with 6 students and recently graduated 15 students, 6 from surrounding churches. 4 will go into our associate pastorship programme to be ordained after a two year internship. Slowly God is building our purpose driven church. Our motto is We Win the Lost, Care for the Flock, Equip the Saints, Serve the Family, Honour God and Impact our World.

    This article really spoke to my heart. This year our church will be 20 years old, we don’t have a building, we cart instruments and equipment and set up and break down every week. We hire churches when we need to baptise members. But God is faithful. As people leave, others come to replace them. We are trusting God and preparing for explosive growth this year.

  12. Thank you pst Rick.
    Wishing you a great year 2019.God bless you

  13. Robert E Walker Jr January 2, 2019 at 2:00 pm

    Thank you for sharing these words if God’s wisdom.

  14. rev glenda taylor January 2, 2019 at 1:20 pm

    thank you so much for all your resources. We are standing in the need for direction and help as leaders of Christ in the church and community!

  15. I totally agree with some of your statements in this article. Nevertheless, am confused with the part that says “It’s not my responsibility to build the church. It’s my responsibility to be faithful.” So how does this relate to James 2: 14-26 NKJV? Is it a matter of choice -when to add-on works to our faith and when not to? Or is it circumstantial ? I really look forward to your reply.
    Thank you very much I always enjoy your articles.

  16. Amen!! Needed this reminder as we look to our future. God’s got it!

  17. I do agree that vision is very important-how the vision is given is variable. I believe that because not all pastors have the gifts to “see” the vision alone. Sometimes pastors with other than prophetic gifts, the vision is given with some other leaders in that church. So please don’t despair if you don’t see the vision alone! Gather other faithful members of your group and get their input to at least sharpen the vision.

  18. I so appreciate the wisdom and humility in your writings thank you so much for the encouragement and hope conveyed in them.
    Vision is paramount, God given vision is essential to and for all who strive to lead and serve in whatever position God has placed them
    Question is what do you do when leaders don’t have vision, when churches don’t pray or seek to grow

  19. Thank you, thank you, thank you pastor Rick for sharing, it helped me a lot to keep going with my ministry for this year 2019. I so thankful for you pastor Rick. May God keeps blessing you, your family and saddleback church in Jesus name I thank you and pray to God, Amén.

  20. Rick your daily devotionals have changed lives. I share with my friends who in turn share with their friends and the evangelization continues and spreads widely. May God bless you abundantly.

  21. Thanks

  22. Thanks Pastor Rick. I needed this for the New Year. Although the church is growing, I feel as though I’m behind the times. All I know to do is to preach God’s Word and lead and teach His people. After 25 years as senior pastor and founder, I am a bit discouraged.

  23. Ngongpan Raymond Ngutkeh January 2, 2019 at 8:13 am

    Reading through ‘How God Gives You His Vision’ makes me feel like this is just what I need for God to be glorified in what He has to do using me. Thank You Dr Rick and team. May God bless You.

  24. Peter Kamaleshwar January 2, 2019 at 7:53 am

    I came to this town of Burbank, central southern border city in 1974, with my wife and two children, after being driven out of my village. My parents had just received the Lord and my father had died of cancer. The village wanted us to perform after death rituals and staying firm, denying to yield to their demand had resulted in our ousting.
    We came looking for job for the families sustenance and it was as per the Lord’s will, which we did not understand at the time!
    Without our planning some more families came in similar circumstances and we started a house fellowship. Our removal from the village and coming to this town was all pre planned by the Lord. It was established as a local church only in 1984 with our ordination as two elders. Our church continued to grow and divide and other churches also started. 7 churches in the town!
    We continue with a vision of 30000, but presently only 50 members with a breach fellowship in nearby town with 10 members!
    We believe the church belongs to Jesus, we minister to build the people and He brings the increase for His glory.

  25. Thanks, this is the article I’d need to change me and my purpose for the ministry. Indeed, my year, 2019, with this article has been defined. Once again, I appreciate being a part of community

  26. “Without vision people perish” says the scriptures. Thank you Pastor Rick for this wonderful spiritual understanding of acquiring vision (from God), implementing the vision (using God’s strategy) and patiently waiting for Him to complete it.
    God bless you and your family for many years yet.

  27. God bless you pastor Rick. That same vision has inspire me to do what the holly spirit tells me do to for his kingdom.

  28. Jerry Spann, ph.d. January 2, 2019 at 6:33 am

    Pastor Rick, thank you for sharing this. I have fought to keep “my vision” alive. Your lesson now shows me why it is foggy. God always gives us light, we just have to get through our own self-producing fog. Thank you for helping me clear the way and see God’s vision for my church once again. Man this is exciting and it’s going to be fun.

  29. Dear Rick;
    What a help, and what an encouragement. I have been working on the vision for this new work I have taken. You gave me some answers to some of the questions I was having about the work and the vision.I am just waiting on God.