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  1. Rick, 

    Thank you for encouraging me to stay steadfast in our ministry to invite, empower, and serve everyday people from the marketplace to write, memorize, and memorialize their hope in Christ on video and share it on the internet.  With no staff, or budget God has used us in ways I could have never imagined.  It’s a scary journey but one I love to lean into!

    I hope that God will continue to orchestrate and galvanize the body who is shaped and called to help others grow deeper in their faith by stepping out of their comfort zone through the crafting and sharing their testimony.  If people would put a fraction of their online social networking time in testifying what Christ has done for them, as they do on the trivial and earthly things, the Light of Christ would be reflected in unimaginable ways.  I am humbled to have been called in this season in do my part in obedience and trust Him with the results and harvest.

    I live in Atlanta but happen to be on a train heading south bound down the California coast to San Diego, and was just telling my friend “Isn’t Rick Warren’s church around here somewhere?  I need to meet and pray and listen as to how our little ministry can best serve His will as we continue to encourage and inspire others that anyone can do this, and hope that others will!  It’s an incredible gift to see what God can do when people surrender and make themselves available.  The men and women that have been filmed share common qualities of humility, surrender, obedience, and gratitude.  What a joy to connect and serve with such people.

    At your service,

    The 3:15 Project

  2. Oliviermayange April 22, 2012 at 5:34 am

    Pastor Rick,
    Thanks a lots dear for your ministry but my problem is to share the experiences with your members  at your church,Saddleback,fortunatly i am living very far from you.I have a dream to be one among your V.I.P to the conference on  may 3th.Please help me for an invitation and visa…my contry is Congo,Republic Democratic,Church’s name Saddleback at Goma,tel:00243991387879. God blesses your church and your christian family…

    From Pastor Oliver  

  3. Hey guys,
    Check out this new passover video on youtube.
    Its filmed in Israel and very inspirational music!

  4. Thank you for helping me to walk in the things of God as God instructs w/o hesitation. You are a greatly appreciated resource. Your book ” Purpose Driven Church” has blessed and encouraged me;I know it shall bless others as I moved into the deep while I follow the calling of God upon my life.   

  5. Rick,

    Thanks for this.  I think we miss this fundamental.  In Acts after persecution broke out Luke says as they went they preached the Gospel.  I think we are still to dependent on the Church Outreach and need to shift evangelism to the people.  However, it is our responsibility as ministers to see this happen.  You can’t expect people to step out if they do not feel properly trained. 

  6. Pastor Victor Ogbijah April 9, 2012 at 11:13 am

    Rick i want to appreciate your calling to the body of are great blessing.your insight to what the church should be doing has brought a fresh breathe to most churhes in my country Nigeria and its really helping my church build turn around in developing  the GO church.
    Thank you so much and God grace remain and increase in and on you.

  7. Great article, Rick.  I also believe in putting our testimony to paper, and I wrote about doing that recently here: